Alas – Alas (1976)

Alas is the debut album by Argentinian symphonic/jazz-rock band Alas, released in 1976 on Odeon. Tracklist: A. “Buenos Aires sólo es piedra” (15:48)* |a. Tango |b. Sueño |c. Recuerdo |d. Trompetango |e. Tanguito |f. Soldó B. “La muerte contó el dinero” (17:36)** |a. Vidala |b. Smog |c. Galope |d. Mal-ambo |e. Vidala Again |f. Amanecer […]


Alas were an Argentine symphonic/jazz-rock band that was active between the mid-1970s and early 1980s. The band was a spin-off of Alma y Vida. Issuing their debut longplayer in 1976, the band recorded Pinta tu Aldea the following year but it would not be issued until 1983. For that second album, Alas was joined on […]