Bette Bright ‎– Rhythm Breaks the Ice (1981)

Rhythm Breaks the Ice is the first and only solo album by Liverpudlian torch/pop singer Bette Bright, recorded with her backing band the Illuminations and released in 1981 on Korova. The album was produced by fellow Deaf School alumni Clive Langer, who wrote/co-wrote four of the songs. The song “Thunder and Lightning,” which originally appeared […]

Lene Lovich ‎– Flex (1979)

Flex is the second album by New Wave/avant-pop vocalist Lene Lovich, released in 1979 on Stiff. Tracklist: A1. “Bird Song” (4:28) A2. “What Will I Do Without You” (3:34) A3. “Angels” (3:07) A4. “The Night” (4:30) A5. “You Can’t Kill Me” (3:45) B1. “Egghead” (2:25) B2. “Wonderful One” (4:28) B3. “Monkey Talk” (3:22) B4. “Joan” […]

Trickster ‎– Back to Zero (1979)

Back to Zero is the second of two albums by English hard-rock/art-rock band Trickster, released in 1979 on Jet Records. Tracklist: A1. “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” (3:56) A2. “Back to Zero” (4:09) A3. “You Make Me Want to Stay” (3:42) A4. “Road to Nowhere” (4:12) A5. “Bump in the Night” (4:07) B1. “Time Makes a […]

The Planets ‎– Goon Hilly Down (1979)

Goon Hilly Down is the first of two albums by Liverpudlian New Wave combo The Planets, released in 1979 on Rialto. Stateside, the album was issued eponymously on Motown. Tracklist: A1. “Iron for the Iron” (3:41) A2. “Mile High” (3:51) A3. “A Minute Ago” (0:00) A4. “Lines” (4:00) B1. “Break It to Me Gently” (3:05) […]

J.J. Burnel ‎– Euroman Cometh (1979)

Euroman Cometh is a solo album by Stranglers bassist J.J. Burnel, released in 1979 on United Artists. Tracklist: A1. “Euroman” (3:28) A2. “Jellyfish” (2:55) A3. “Freddie Laker (Concorde and Eurobus)” (3:30)* A4. “Euromess” (3:50) A5. “Deutschland Nicht Uber Alles” (4:39) B1. “Do the European” (4:28) B2. “Tout Comprendre” (3:08) B3. “Triumph (of the Good City)” […]

The Stranglers ‎– The Raven (1979)

The Raven is the fourth album by English art-rock/New Wave band The Stranglers, released in 1979 on United Artists. Tracklist: A1. “Longships” (1:10) A2. “The Raven” (5:13) A3. “Dead Loss Angeles” (2:25) A4. “Ice” (3:25) A5. “Baroque Bordello” (3:53) A6. “Nuclear Device” (3:32)* B1. “Shah Shah a Go Go” (4:50) B2. “Don’t Bring Harry” (4:10) […]