Akiko Yano – ごはんができたよ (Gohan ga Dekita yo) (1980)

ごはんができたよ (Gohan ga Dekita yo) is a double album by Japanese art-pop musician/vocalist Akiko Yano, produced by husband Ryuichi Sakamoto and recorded with the remainder of YMO and guitarist Kenji Omura. The album was released in 1980 on Japan Record. Tracklist: A1. “ひとつだけ” (5:42) A2. “ぼんぼんぼん” (6:16) A3. “Coloured Water” (4:43) B1. “在広東少年” (6:25) B2. […]

Thomas Dolby ‎– The Golden Age of Wireless (1982)

The Golden Age of Wireless is the debut album by English modernist New Wave/art-pop keyboardist/composer Thomas Dolby, released in May 1982 on the artist’s own EMI-imprint Venice in Peril Records. The album was issued stateside on Harvest with a different cover and an altered tracklist that drops “The Wreck of the Fairchild” but adds both […]

Akiko Yano

Akiko Yano — 矢野顕子 (born Feb. 13, 1955) — is a Japanese art-pop singer who released five albums on Philips between 1976 and 1979, followed by three albums on Japan Records during the early 1980s. She has released more than two dozen titles since that time, mostly on Epic and Midi Inc. Yano was born […]

Akiko Yano ‎– いろはにこんぺいとう [Iroha ni Konpeitō] (1977)

Iroha ni Konpeitō  is the second album by Japanese art-pop vocalist/musician Akiko Yano, released in 1977 on Philips. Tracklist: A1. Kawaji A2. いろはにこんぺいとう (Iroha Ni Konpeitou) A3. 待ちくたびれて (Machikutabirete) A4. ほうろう (Hourou) A5. 行け柳田 (Ike Yanagida) B1. 相合傘 (Ai Ai Gasa) B2. ぽつん (Potsun) B3. 昨日はもう (Kinou Wa Mou) B4. 家路 (Ieji) B5. やませ(東風)(Yamase) Credits: Bass […]