Simply Red ‎– Picture Book (1985)

Picture Book is the 1985 debut album by Mancunian sextet Simply Red. Arresting listeners with the shivery strings and haunting introspection of “Holding Back the Years,” the album reveals a band broadly adept with the 20th century musical lexicon — from the ritzy trumpet-romp “Look at You Now” to the lonely late-night bass-walk “Sad Old […]

Utopia – POV (1985)

POV is a 1985 album by Utopia. The release would mark the eighth and final studio outing of the classic lineup of Rundgren, Sulton, Powell, and Wilcox. Musically, the album advances the hi-tech approach of Oblivion. Highlights include the neon-powered “Zen Machine” and “More Light,” the vibe-toned Fairlight mid-pacer “Mimi Gets Mad,” and the anthemic […]

Scritti Politti ‎– Cupid & Psyche 85 (1985)

Cupid & Psyche 85 is the second full-length album by Scritti Politti, released in 1985 on Virgin/Warner Bros. Tracklist: 1. “The Word Girl (Flesh and Blood)” (4:24) 2. “Small Talk” (3:39) 3. “Absolute” (4:25) 4. “A Little Knowledge” (5:01) 5. “Don’t Work That Hard” (3:59) 6. “Perfect Way” (4:43) 7. “Lover to Fall” (4:12) 8. […]

Tears for Fears ‎– Songs from the Big Chair (1985)

Songs from the Big Chair is the second album by English art-pop combo Tears for Fears, released in 1985 on Mercury. Tracklist: A1. “Shout” (6:35) A2. “The Working Hour” (6:29) A3. “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” (4:10) A4. “Mothers Talk” (3:53) B1. “I Believe” (4:53) B2. “Broken” (2:33) B3. “Head Over Heels” (5:00) B4. […]

Phil Collins ‎– No Jacket Required (1985)

No Jacket Required is the third solo album by English musician/vocalist Phil Collins, released in 1985 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “Sussudio” (4:23) A2. “Only You Know and I Know” (4:20) A3. “Long Long Way to Go” (4:20) A4. “I Don’t Wanna Know” (4:12) A5. “One More Night” (4:47) B1. “Don’t Lose My Number” (4:46) B2. […]

Suzanne Vega ‎– Suzanne Vega (1985)

Suzanne Vega is the debut album by the namesake American singer/songwriter, released in 1985 on A&M. Tracklist: 1. “Cracking” (2:50) 2. “Freeze Tag” (2:36) 3. “Marlene on the Wall” (3:40) 4. “Small Blue Thing” (3:55) 5. “Straight Lines” (3:48) 6. “Undertow” (3:28) 7. “Some Journey” (3:41) 8. “The Queen and the Soldier” (4:51) 9. “Knight […]

Zut Un Feu Rouge ‎– Who’s Afreud (1985)

Who’s Afreud is the singular full-length album by Swedish art-rock band Zut Un Feu Rouge, released in 1985 on Bauta. Tracklist: A1. “Magmunnen” A2. “§ 1066” A3. “Café Thorax” A4. “Rheingold” A5. “Sålunda Järnvägshotell” A6. “Krokodildressyr” A7. “Sken Av Âlg” Sju Sovare, Part I-VII B1. “Förlåten” B2. “Mellan Gud Innan” B3. “Fly Fortuna” B4. “Tid […]

IQ ‎– The Wake (1985)

The Wake is the second album by English maximalist rockers IQ, released in 1985 on Sahara. Tracklist: A1. Outer Limits (8:15) A2. The Wake (4:12) A3. The Magic Roundabout (8:18) A4. Corners (6:20) B1. Widow’s Peak (9:12) B2. The Thousand Days (5:12) B3. Headlong (6:27) Credits: Peter Nicholls — vocals Tim Esau — bass Mike […]

The Colourfield ‎– Virgins and Philistines (1985)

Virgins and Philistines is the first of two albums by English sophisti-pop trio The Colourfield, released in 1985 on Chrysalis. Tracklist (UK issue): A1. Thinking of You (3:27) A2. Faint Hearts (4:16) A3. Castles in the Air (3:40) A4. Take (4:05) A5. Cruel Circus (3:58) B1. Hammond Song (4:24) B2. Virgins and Philistines (3:52) B3. […]

Sheila E. ‎– In Romance 1600 (1985)

In Romance 1600 is the second solo album by American Latin-dance percussionist/vocalist Sheila E., produced by Prince and released in 1985 on Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Sister Fate” (3:50) A2. “Dear Michaelangelo” (4:38) A3. “A Love Bizzare” (12:18) B1. “Toy Box” (5:32) B2. “Yellow” (2:11) B3. “Romance 1600” (3:56) B4. “Merci for the Speed of […]

Tröjan ‎– Chasing the Storm (1985)

Chasing the Storm is the singular album by English metal band Tröjan, released in 1985 on Roadrunner. Tracklist: 1. “Chasing the Storm” (4:29) 2. “Tonight We’ve Got It Made” (2:50) 3. “Only the Strong Survive” (3:56) 4. “Hypnotized” (2:45) 5. “Backstabber” (4:55) 6. “Icehouse” (4:34) 7. “Take No Prisoners” (3:47) 8. “Help Me” (2:45) 9. […]

Graphic ‎– Baysongs (1985)

Baysongs is the singular album by American pop/rock quartet Graphic, self-released in 1985 with the catalogue number Bay-1-A. The four members are credited solely by their first names on this release. “Someday You’ll Look Back” ocean sounds.. soft piano and e-bow guitar in D-minor 1-7-3-1 male/female harmonies… soft bass and open-symbol time the precedings… 2:33 […]