Ian Anderson ‎– Walk into Light (1983)

Walk into Light is the first-ever solo album by veteran Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson. Released in 1983 amidst his embrace of hi-tech electronics, the album is a collaborative effort between the singer/flutist and Tull’s then-keyboardist Peter-John Vettese. Serving as a stylistic midway between the synth-enmeshed rusticism of The Broadsword and the Beast and the […]

Duran Duran ‎– Seven and the Ragged Tiger (1983)

Seven and the Ragged Tiger is the third album by English pop sensation Duran Duran. Released in late-1983 at the apex of the band’s global dominance, the album spawned a worldwide stadium tour documented on the following year’s Arena album and concert video. Three of the album’s songs — the debonair “New Moon on Monday,” […]

Albert Marcœur – Celui où y’a Joseph (1983)

Celui où y’a Joseph is the fourth album by French avant-pop musician/composer Albert Marcœur, released in 1983 on Le Chant du Monde. Tracklist: A1. “Éveil matin suivi d’apéritif dansant” (2:51) A2. “Téléphone privé” (2:05) A3. “Joseph” (8:33) A4. “Con que j’étais” (4:33) B1. “Ballade de Jean” (4:08) B2. “Poussez pas” (3:15) B3. “Velouté d’asperges” (1:57) B4. […]

The Danse Society ‎– Heaven Is Waiting (1983)

Heaven Is Waiting is the second album by English New Wave/mood-rockers the Danse Society, released in 1983 on Arista. Tracklist: A1. “Come Inside” (8:39) A2. “Wake Up” (4:56) A3. “Angel” (4:44) A4. “Where Are You Now?” (4:13) A5. “Red Lights (Shine)” (2:52) B1. “Heaven Is Waiting” (3:45)* B2. “The Hurt” (3:51) B3. “2,000 Light Years […]

Metallica ‎– Kill ‘Em All (1983)

Kill ‘Em All is the debut album by American metal band Metallica, released in 1983 on Atlantic-subsidiary Megaforce. Tracklist: A1. “Hit the Lights” (4:17) A2. “The Four Horsemen” (7:08) A3. “Motorbreath” (3:03) A4. “Jump in the Fire” (4:50) A5. “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” (3:27) A6. “Whiplash” (4:06) B1. “Phantom Lord” (4:52) B2. “No Remorse” (6:24) B3. […]

Zebra ‎– Zebra (1983)

Zebra is the debut album by the namesake American symphonic/hard-rock trio, released in 1983 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “Tell Me What You Want” (3:45) A2. “One More Chance” (3:05) A3. “Slow Down” (3:25) A4. “As I Said Before” (2:55) A5. “Who’s Behind the Door?” (5:00) B1. “When You Get There” (2:55) B2. “Take Your Fingers From […]

R.E.M. ‎– Murmur (1983)

Murmur is the debut album by American pop/rock band R.E.M., released in 1983 on I.R.S. Tracklist: A1. “Radio Free Europe” (4:03) A2. “Pilgrimage” (4:25) A3. “Laughing” (3:52) A4. “Talk About the Passion” (3:22) A5. “Moral Kiosk” (3:32) A6. “Perfect Circle” (3:23) B1. “Catapult” (3:54) B2. “Sitting Still” (3:07) B3. “9-9” (3:02) B4. “Shaking Through” (4:00) B5. […]

Eyeless in Gaza ‎– Rust Red September (1983)

Rust Red September is the fifth album by English mood-rock/art-pop duo Eyeless in Gaza, released in 1983 on Cherry Red. Tracklist: A1. “Changing Stations” (2:23) A2. “Pearl and Pale” (3:27) A3. “New Risen” (2:48) A4. “September Hills” (3:46) A5. “Taking Steps” (3:25) A6. “Only Whispers” (4:32) B1. “Leaves are Dancing” (3:12) B2. “No Perfect Stranger” […]

Yellow Magic Orchestra ‎– Naughty Boys (1983)

Naughty Boys is the fifth proper studio album by Japanese electro/art-pop supergroup Yellow Magic Orchestra, released in 1983 on Alfa. Tracklist: A1. “Kimi Ni Mune Kyun” (4:05) A2. “Expected Way” (4:33) A3. “Focus” (3:40) A4. “Ongaku” (3:25) A5. “Opened My Eyes” (3:39) B1. “You’ve Got to Help Yourself” (0:30) B2. “Lotus Love” (4:04) B3. “Kai-Koh” […]

Olé Olé – Olé Olé (1983)

Olé Olé is the debut album by the namesake Spanish synthpop band, released in 1983 on CBS. Most of the songs were written by guitarist Gustavo Montesano, formerly of Crucis. Tracklist: A1. “Necesito Más” (3:35) A2. “En el Mayor Secreto” (3:45) A3. “No Controles” (4:00) A4. “Alguien” (3:42) A5. “Todo mi Amor no es Para Ti” […]

Mike Oldfield ‎– Crises (1983)

Crises is the eighth album by English composer/multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield, released in 1983 on Virgin. Tracklist: A. “Crises” (20:40) B1. “Moonlight Shadow” (3:38) B2. “In High Places” (3:33) B3. “Foreign Affair” (3:53) B4. “Taurus 3” (2:25) B5. “Shadow on the Wall” (3:08) 1983 shortplayer sides: “Crime of Passion” (3:38) “Jungle Gardenia” (2:45) Credits: Mike Oldfield — […]

Red Zebra ‎– Maquis (1983)

Maquis is the singular full-length from the original formation of Belgian coldwave band Red Zebra, released in 1983 on Parsley. Though technically a debut, the band had already released an album’s worth of material across several 1980–82 singles and EPs. Tracklist: A1. “Polar Club” (3:11)* A2. “Search Party” (2:53) A3. “The Beauty of the Beast” (3:24) […]

Thin Lizzy ‎– Thunder and Lightning (1983)

Thunder and Lightning is the twelfth studio album by Irish hard-rock band Thin Lizzy, released in 1983 on Vertigo and Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Thunder and Lightning” (4:55) A2. “This Is the One” (4:02) A3. “The Sun Goes Down” (6:18) A4. “The Holy War” (5:13) B1. “Cold Sweat” (3:06) B2. “Someday She Is Going to […]

Night Ranger ‎– Midnight Madness (1983)

Midnight Madness is the second album by American melodic rockers Night Ranger, released in 1983 on MCA. Tracklist: A1. “(You Can Still) Rock in America” (4:14) A2. “Rumours in the Air” (4:31) A3. “Why Does Love Have to Change” (3:47) A4. “Sister Christian” (4:59) B1. “Touch of Madness” (4:58) B2. “Passion Play” (4:41) B3. “When You […]

Chaz Jankel ‎– Chazablanca (1983)

Chazablanca is the third solo album by English jazz-funk keyboardist/songwriter Chaz Jankel, released in 1983 on A&M. Tracklist: A1. “Without You” (5:12) A2. “I Want You Back (Thank You Very Much)” (3:22) A3. “Pretty Thing” (5:25) B1. “I Can Get Over It (If You Can Get Over Here)” (4:35) B2. “Whisper” (4:18) B3. “All I Want […]

Syreeta ‎– The Spell (1983)

The Spell is the sixth solo album by American soul vocalist/songwriter Syreeta Wright, released in 1983 on Tamla. Tracklist: A1. “Forever Is Not Enough” (4:04) A2. “(You Are) The Spell” (4:07) A3. “Freedom” (5:54) A4. “To Know” (6:40) B1. “Freddie Um Ready” (6:41) B2. “Once Love Touches Your Life” (4:04) B3. “Fall Apart” (4:29) B4. […]

Mecano ‎– ¿Dónde Está el País de las Hadas? (1983)

¿Dónde Está el País de las Hadas? is the second album by Spanish New Wave/synthpop band Mecano, released in 1983 on CBS. Tracklist: A1. “¿Dónde está el país de las hadas?” (2:47) A2. “Este chico es una joya” (2:30) A3. “La bola de cristal” (3:26) A4. “El amante de fuego” (4:30) A5. “Madrid” (3:23) A6. […]

Anne Clark ‎– Changing Places (1983)

Changing Places is the debut album by English art-pop musician Anne Clark, released in 1983 on Red Flame/Virgin. Tracklist: A1. “Contact” (1:57) A2. “Sleeper in Metropolis” (4:04) A3. “Poem for a Nuclear Romance” (2:45) A4. “Wallies” (4:08) A5. “Lovers Audition” (2:13) A6. “Poets Turmoil No. 364” (2:49) B1. “Echoes Remain Forever” (3:31) B2. “All Night […]