Think were a New Zealander art-rock band that released the album We’ll Give You a Buzz on Atlantic in 1976. Members: Alan Badger (bass), Phil Whitehead (guitar), Neville Jess (drums), Don Mills (keyboards), Ritchie Pickett (vocals), Kevin Stanton Discography: We’ll Give You a Buzz (1976)

Split Enz

Split Enz was a New Zealander art-rock band from Auckland, formed in late 1972 and active through several iterations over a 12-year period. In 1973, the band released a pair of singles on Vertigo and EMI, followed by nine albums on Mushroom between 1975 and 1984. Their first album, Mental Notes, includes the popular early […]

Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale (born April 2, 1949) is an American drummer, keyboardist, songwriter, and occasional vocalist from Canton, Ohio, who played in the garage-psych bands The Chylds and The Echos during the late 1960s. During the 1970s, he played on albums by Rick Derringer, Michael Stanley, Stephen Stills, Bill Wyman, the Outlaws, Jay Ferguson, and Dan […]


Elf was an American hard-rock band that released a self-titled 1972 album on Epic, followed by the 1974/75 MGM albums Carolina County Ball and Trying to Burn the Sun. They were a frequent opening act of Deep Purple, whose bassist, Roger Glover, produced Elf’s three albums. Singer Ronnie James Dio joined guitarist Ritchie Blackmore in […]


Bloontz were an American hard-rock band from Houston that released a self-titled album on small-press Evolution in 1973. Members: Zenobia (choir), Tony Braunagel (drums), Andy Chapman (vocals), Jimmy Don (guitar), Margaret Dorn (choir), Mike Montgomery (keyboards), Terry Wilson (bass), Sharon Redd (choir), David L. Kealey (guitar), Steve Radney (guitar), Linda Lawley (choir) Discography: Bloontz (1973)


Bloodrock was an American hard-rock band that released six studio albums and a live double-LP on Capitol between 1970 and 1974. Members: Nick Taylor (guitar, vocals), Ed Grundy (bass, vocals), Stevie Hill (keyboards, vocals), James Rutledge (drums, vocals, 1969-72), Lee Pickens (guitar, vocals, 1969-72), Rick Cobb (drums, vocals, 1970-73), Warren Ham (vocals, wind, 1972-75), Randy […]