Jon Lucien – Mind’s Eye (1974)

Mind’s Eye is the third album by Caribbean soul singer Jon Lucien, released in 1974 on RCA. Tracklist: A1. “A Sunny Day” (2:37) A2. “A Prayer for Peace” (3:53) A3. “Adoration” (4:47) A4. “So Little Time” (2:59) A5. “Listen Love” (6:35) B1. “The Pleasure of Your Garden” (2:15) B2. “World of Joy” (4:58) B3. “The […]

Johnny Bristol – Hang On in There Baby (1974)

Hang On in There Baby is the second album by American soul vocalist/songwriter Johnny Bristol, released in 1974 on MGM. Tracklist: A1. “Woman, Woman” (5:08) A2. “Hang On in There Baby” (3:54) A3. “Reachin’ Out for Your Love” (4:00) A4. “You and I” (3:41) A5. “Take Care of You for Me” (3:08) B1. “I Got […]

Janne Schaffer – Janne Schaffer’s Andra LP (1974)

Janne Schaffer’s Andra LP is the second solo album by Swedish jazz-rock guitarist Janne Schaffer, released in 1974 on Ljudspår. Tracklist: A1. “Dr Abraham” (5:05) A2. “Ugglor i mossen” (2:40) A3. “Scales” (5:00) A4. “Kulan växer” (4:12) A5. “Luftlandsättning Avd. 60” (1:10) B1. “Underhuggaren” (5:40) B2. “Den gåtfulla jungfrun” (4:10) B3. “Ryska posten” (5:25) B4. […]

James Brown – Hell (1974)

Hell is a double album by soul/funk vocalist/musician James Brown, released in 1974 on Polydor. Tracklist: A1. “Coldblooded” (4:45) A2. “Hell” (5:03) A3. “My Thang” (4:20) A4. “Sayin’ It and Doin’ It” (3:05) A5. “Please, Please, Please” (4:07) B1. “When the Saints Go Marching In” (2:43) B2. “These Foolish Things Remind Me of You” (3:14) […]

Ivan Lins – Modo Livre (1974)

Modo Livre is the fourth album by Brazilian singer/songwriter Ivan Lins, released in 1974 on RCA Victor. Tracklist: A1. “Rei do carnaval” (2:31) A2. “Deixa eu dizer” (3:13) A3. “Avarandado” (3:13) A4. “Tens (Calmaria)” (2:51) A5. “Não tem perdão” (4:54) B1. “Abre alas” (3:11) B2. “Chega” (3:09) B3. “Espero” (2:24) B4. “Essa maré” (2:15) B5. […]

Invisible – Invisible (1974)

Invisible is the first of three albums by the namesake Argentinian poetic rock trio, released in 1974 on Microfón-subsidiary Talent. Tracklist: A1. “Jugo de lúcuma” (4:30) A2. “El diluvio y la pasajera” (8:47) A3. “Suspensión” (5:40) B1. “Tema de Elmo Lesto” (2:24) B2. “Azafata del tren fantasma” (8:18) B3. “Irregular” (7:42) CD bonus tracks (from […]

Idris Muhammad – Power of Soul (1974)

Power of Soul is the third album by American jazz-funk drummer Idris Muhammad, released in 1974 on Kudu. Tracklist: A1. “Power of Soul” (7:04) A2. “Piece of Mind” (9:20) B1. “The Saddest Thing” (7:06) B2. “Loran’s Dance” (10:39) Credits: Idris Muhammad — drums Grover Washington, Jr. — soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, writer Bob James — […]

The Boomtown Rats – The Fine Art of Surfacing (1979)

The Fine Art of Surfacing is the third album by Irish New Wave band the Boomtown Rats, released in 1979 on Ensign/Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “Someone’s Looking at You” (4:23) A2. “Diamond Smiles” (3:49) A3. “Wind Chill Factor (Minus Zero)” (4:36) A4. “Having My Picture Taken” (3:19) A5. “Sleep (Finger’s Lullaby)” (5:04) B1. “I Don’t Like […]

Steely Dan – Countdown to Ecstasy (1973)

Countdown to Ecstasy is the second album by American jazz-pop band Steely Dan, released in 1973 on ABC. Tracklist: A1. “Bodhisattva” (5:16) A2. “Razor Boy” (4:10) A3. “The Boston Rag” (5:48) A4. “Your Gold Teeth” (7:30) B1. “Show Biz Kids” (5:26) B2. “My Old School” (5:46) B3. “Pearl of the Quarter” (3:51) B4. “King of […]

Steely Dan – The Royal Scam (1976)

The Royal Scam is the fifth album by American jazz-pop band Steely Dan, released in 1976 on ABC. Tracklist: A1. “Kid Charlemagne” (4:38) A2. “The Caves of Altamira” (3:33) A3. “Don’t Take Me Alive” (4:19) A4. “Sign In Stranger” (4:22) A5. “The Fez” (3:59) B1. “Green Earrings” (4:05) B2. “Haitian Divorce” (5:50) B3. “Everything You […]

Squeeze – Squeeze (1978)

Squeeze is the debut album by English New Wave band Squeeze, released in 1978 on A&M. Tracklist: A1. “Sex Master” (2:21) A2. “Bang Bang” (2:04) A3. “Strong in Reason” (4:14) A4. “Wild Sewerage Tickles Brazil” (3:49) A5. “Out of Control” (4:44) A6. “Take Me, I’m Yours” (3:46) B1. “The Call” (5:17) B2. “Model” (2:59) B3. “Remember […]

Squeeze – East Side Story (1981)

East Side Story is the fourth album by English New Wave/pop-rock band Squeeze, released in 1981 on A&M. Tracklist: A1. “In Quintessence” (2:54) A2. “Someone Else’s Heart” (3:00) A3. “Tempted” (4:00) A4. “Piccadilly” (3:27) A5. “There’s No Tomorrow” (3:29) A6. “Heaven” (3:49) A7. “Woman’s World” (3:43) B1. “Is That Love” (2:31) B2. “F-Hole” (4:41) B3. […]

Bee Gees – Children of the World (1976)

Children of the World is the thirteenth chronological studio album by the Bee Gees, released in 1976 on RSO. Tracklist: A1. “You Should Be Dancing” (4:17) A2. “You Stepped Into My Life” (3:25) A3. “Love So Right” (3:37) A4. “Lovers” (3:35) A5. “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down” (4:43) B1. “Boogie Child” (4:11) B2. “Love […]

Automatic Man – Automatic Man (1976)

Automatic Man is the first of two albums by the namesake American space-funk supergroup, released in 1976 on Island. Tracklist: A1. “Atlantis Rising Fanfare” (1:37) A2. “Comin’ Through” (3:35) A3. “My Pearl” (3:41) A4. “One and One” (6:01) A5. “Newspapers” (3:59) A6. “Geni-Geni” (5:33) B1. “Right Back Down” (5:56) B2. “There’s a Way” (5:15) B3. […]

Al Di Meola – Land of the Midnight Sun (1976)

Land of the Midnight Sun is the debut solo album by American jazz-rock guitarist Al Di Meola, released in 1976 on Columbia Records. Tracklist: A1. “The Wizard” (6:46) A2. “Land of the Midnight Sun” (9:14) A3. “Sarabande From Violin Sonata in B Minor” (1:20) A4. “Love Theme From Pictures of the Sea” (2:24) B1. “Suite […]

Stanley Clarke – School Days (1976)

School Days is the fourth solo album by American jazz-rock bassist Stanley Clarke, released in 1976 on Epic/Nemperor. Tracklist: A1. “School Days” (7:50) A2. “Quiet Afternoon” (5:05) A3. “The Dancer” (5:23) B1. “Desert Song” (6:53) B2. “Hot Fun” (2:50) B3. “Life Is Just a Game” (9:00) Credits: Stanley Clarke – electric bass guitar (A1,A3,B2,B3), vocals […]

The Isley Brothers – Harvest for the World (1976)

Harvest for the World is an album by American soul-funk sextet the Isley Brothers, released in 1976 on T-Neck. Tracklist: A1. “Harvest for the World (Prelude)” (2:11) A2. “Harvest for the World” (3:51) A3. “People of Today” (4:42) A4. “Who Loves You Better” (5:31) B1. “(At Your Best) You Are Love” (5:23) B2. “Let Me […]