The Ensemble Al-Salaam – The Sojourner (1974)

The Sojourner is a spiritual jazz album by the Ensemble Al-Salaam, released in 1974 on Strata-East. Tracklist: A1. “Music Is Nothing but a Prayer” (7:58) A2. “Ecstacy” (3:08) A3. “The Sojourner” (5:15) A4. “Circles” (2:18) A5. “Traces of Trane” (3:26) B1. “Vibration Love Call” (4:49) B2. “Malika” (6:55) B3. “Optimystical” (3:28) B4. “Peace” (8:08) Credits: Agogô, […]

Gato Barbieri – Yesterdays (1974)

Yesterdays is an album by Argentine Latin-jazz saxist Gato Barbieri, released in 1974 on Flying Dutchman. Tracklist: A1. “Yesterdays” (10:45) A2. “A John Coltrane Blues” (8:17) B1. “Marnie” (7:07) B2. “Cariñoso” (10:51) Credits: Gato Barbieri — tenor saxophone Ron Carter — bass Paul Metzke — guitar Bernard Purdie — drums Ray Mantilla — timbales Babafemi — […]

Eddie Henderson – Inside Out (1974)

Inside Out is the second headlining album by American avant-garde/jazz-funk trumpeter Eddie Henderson, released in 1974 on Capricorn. Tracklist: A1. “Moussaka” (8:59) A2. “Omnipresence” (2:14) A3. “Discoveries” (5:08) A4. “Fusion” (3:33) B1. “Dreams” (7:21) B2. “Inside Out” (9:25) B3. “Exit #1” (2:54) Credits: Eddie Henderson — trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, writer Herbie Hancock — fender rhodes […]

Ekseption – Bingo (1974)

Bingo is the seventh album by Dutch classical/jazz-rock ensemble Ekseption, released in 1974 on Philips. Tracklist: A1. “From Ekseption” (9:05) A2. “Nightwalk” (3:45) A3. “Smokey Sunset” (5:11) A4. “De fietser” (1:51) B1. “Sabre Dance” (2:56) B2. “Brother Rabbit” (3:26) B3. “Sunny Revival” (3:50) B4. “The Death of Ase” (2:20) B5. “Bingo-Bingo” (6:40) Credits: Bass Guitar – […]

Donald Byrd – Street Lady (1974)

Street Lady is a jazz-funk album by American trumpeter Donald Byrd, released in 1974 on Blue Note. Tracklist: A1. “Lansana’s Priestess” (7:39) A2. “Miss Kane” (6:20) A3. “Sister Love” (6:11) B1. “Street Lady” (5:40) B2. “Witch Hunt” (9:42) B3. “Woman of the World” (6:51) Credits: Donald Byrd — trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals Roger Glenn — flute […]

Aquila – Aquila (1974)

Aquila is an album by the namesake Chilean jazz-rock band, released in 1974 on Alba. Tracklist: A1. “Alba” A2. “Samba Costanera” A3. “Jenny” A4. “Maiden Voyage” B1. “Providencia 12hrs” B2. “Paquito” B3. “El Viaje” B4. “Hum Allah“ Credits: Alto Saxophone – Sandro Salvati Arranged By, Music Director – Guillermo Rifo Bass – William Miño Drums – […]

Charlie Mariano – Reflections (1974)

Reflections is an album by American big-band saxophonist Charlie Mariano, recorded with Finnish jazz-rock musicians and released in 1974 on RCA Victor. Tracklist: A1. “Glenford Crescent” (5:40) A2. “Naima” (8:48) A3. “Brother Muthaiah” (7:16) A4. “Spanish Dance No. 2” (4:26) B1. “Blue in Green” (5:52) B2. “Thiruvarankulam” (4:53) B3. “Chile” (6:03) B4. “Rambling” (10:57) Credits: Charlie […]

Calvin Keys – Proceed With Caution! (1974)

Proceed With Caution! is the second album by American jazz-funk guitarist Calvin Keys, released in 1974 on Black Jazz. Tracklist: A1. “Proceed with Caution” (12:44) A2. “Tradewinds” (4:30) A3. “Efflugence” (8:05) B1. “Aunt Lovey” (7:30) B2. “Renaissance” (11:30) B3. “Night Cry” (4:46) Credits: Bass – Nyimbo Henry Franklin Drums – Ndugu Leon Chancelor Electric Piano […]

Bloodrock – Whirlwind Tongues (1974)

Whirlwind Tongues is the sixth and final album by American hard-rock band Bloodrock, released in 1974 on Capitol. Tracklist: A1. “It’s Gonna Be Love” (3:19) A2. “Sunday Song” (4:21) A3. “Parallax” (3:40) A4. “Voices” (3:40) A5. “Eleanor Rigby” (3:10) B1. “Stilled by Whirlwind Tongues” (5:35) B2. “Guess What I Am” (2:56) B3. “Lady of Love” […]

Atoll – Musiciens-Magiciens (1974)

Musiciens-Magiciens is the debut album by French symphonic-rock band Atoll, released in 1974 on Eurodisc. Tracklist: A1. “L’hymne médiéval” (3:10) A2. “Le baladin du temps: L’arpège philosophal / L’incube / L’arpège philosophal” (11:23) A3. “Musiciens-Magiciens” (3:45) B1. “Au-delà des écrans de cristal” (5:29) B2. “Le secret du mage” (2:55) B3. “Le berger” (3:50) B4. “Je […]

Alceu Valença – Molhado de Suor (1974)

Molhado de Suor is the debut solo album by Brazilian psych/folk musician Alceu Valença, released in 1974 on Som Livre. Tracklist: A1. “Borboleta” A2. “Punhal de Prata” A3. “Dia Branco” A4. “Cabelos Longos” A5. “Chutando Pedras” B1. “Molhado de Suor” B2. “Mensageira dos Anjos” B3. “Papagaio do Futuro” B4. “Dente de Ocidente” B5. “Pedras de […]

Transit Express – Opus Progressif (1976)

Opus Progressif is the second album by French jazz-rock combo Transit Express, released in 1976 on RCA Victor. Tracklist: A1. “Convulsion” (4:10) A2. “Disparition” (3:15) A3. “Le souffleur de rêves” (6:35) A4. “Dialogarhythme” (4:30) A5. “La porte de bag” (0:50) B1. “38 Cm/s” (2:40) B2. “Maldoror” (5:40) B3. “Opus progressif 1” (2:55) B4. “Opus progressif […]

Magma – Üdü Ẁüdü (1976)

Üdü Ẁüdü is the fifth studio album by French Zeuhl ensemble Magma, released in 1976 on RCA’s Utopia imprint. Tracklist: A1. “Üdü Ẁüdü” (4:10) A2. “Weïdorje” (4:30) A3. “Tröller Tanz (Ghost Dance)” (3:40) A4. “Soleil d’Ork (Ork’ Sun)” (3:50) A5. “Zombies (Ghost Dance)” (4:10) B. “De Futura” (18:00) Credits: Klaus Blasquiz — vocals, composer, logo […]

Albert Marcœur – Celui où y’a Joseph (1983)

Celui où y’a Joseph is the fourth album by French avant-pop musician/composer Albert Marcœur, released in 1983 on Le Chant du Monde. Tracklist: A1. “Éveil matin suivi d’apéritif dansant” (2:51) A2. “Téléphone privé” (2:05) A3. “Joseph” (8:33) A4. “Con que j’étais” (4:33) B1. “Ballade de Jean” (4:08) B2. “Poussez pas” (3:15) B3. “Velouté d’asperges” (1:57) B4. […]

Harmonium – Les Cinq Saisons (1975)

Les Cinq Saisons is the second album by Quebecois symphonic/folk band Harmonium, released in 1975 on Celebration Records. Tracklist: A1. “Vert” (5:34) A2. “Dixie” (3:26) A3. “Depuis l’automne” (10:25) B1. “En Pleine Face” (4:51) B2. “Histoires sans Paroles” (17:12) Credits: Serge Fiori — vocals, guitar, 12-string guitar, transverse flute, mandolin, zither, cymbals, bass drum, spoons, […]

Finch – Glory of the Inner Force (1975)

Glory of the Inner Force is the first of three albums by Dutch instrumental symphonic/hard-rock band Finch, released in 1975 on Negram/Atco. Tracklist: A1. “Register Magister” (9:18) A2. “Paradoxical Moods” (10:30) B1. “Pisces” (9:30) B2. “A Bridge to Alice” (13:12) 1975 shortplayer: A. “Colossus Part I” (3:27) / B. “Colossus Part II” (3:35) Credits: Peter […]

Freddie Hubbard – Liquid Love (1975)

Liquid Love is a jazz-funk album by American trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, released in 1975 on Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “Midnight at the Oasis” (5:29) A2. “Put It in the Pocket” (4:17) A3. “Lost Dream” (12:27) B1. “Liquid Love” (5:44) B2. “Yesterday’s Thoughts” (3:39) B3. “Kuntu” (13:20) Credits: Freddie Hubbard — trumpet, vocals, arrangements, flugel horn, producer […]

Elton John – Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (1975)

Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy is the ninth studio album by Elton John, released in 1975 on DJM. Tracklist: A1. “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy” (5:46) A2. “Tower of Babel” (4:28) A3. “Bitter Fingers” (4:33) A4. “Tell Me When the Whistle Blows” (4:20) A5. “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” (6:44) B1. […]

Freda Payne – Out of Payne Comes Love (1975)

Out of Payne Comes Love is the eighth album by American soul/pop singer Freda Payne, released in 1975 on ABC. Tracklist: A1. “Look What I Found” (3:50) A2. “I Hear Rumors” (3:47) A3. “You” (3:42) A4. “Keep It Coming” (3:17) A5. “Seems So Long” (3:55) B1. “You Brought the Woman out of Me” (3:25) B2. […]

Weldon Irvine – Spirit Man (1975)

Spirit Man is the fifth album by American jazz-funk keyboardist Weldon Irvine, released in 1975 on RCA. Tracklist: A1. “We Gettin’ Down” (5:50) A2. “Softly” (0:37) A3. “Pogo Stick” (6:45) A4. “Blast Off” (4:17) B1. “Jungle Juice” (8:10) B2. “Yasmin” (4:37) B3. “The Power and the Glory” (5:44) B4. “Softly” (1:26) Credits: Weldon Irvine — […]

The Trammps – Trammps (1975)

Trammps is the first proper album by American soul act The Trammps, released in 1975 on PIR-subsidiary Golden Fleece. Tracklist: A1. “Stop and Think” (3:10) A2. “Trusting Heart” (3:20) A3. “Every Dream I Dream Is You” (3:57) A4. “Love Epidemic” (4:48) A5. “Save a Place” (5:03) B1. “Trammps Disco Theme” (3:25) B2. “Where Do We Go […]

Tim Moore – Behind the Eyes (1975)

Behind the Eyes is the second solo album by American singer/songwriter Tim Moore, released in 1975 on Asylum. Tracklist: A1. “For the Minute” (3:40) A2. “Lay Down a Line to Me” (4:45) A3. “(I Think I Wanna) Possess You” (5:00) A4. “Now I See” (3:10) A5. “Rock and Roll Love Letter” (4:24) B1. “If Somebody […]

Strawbs – Ghosts (1975)

Ghosts is the seventh album by English symphonic/folk-rock band the Strawbs, released in 1975 on A&M. Tracklist: A1. “Ghosts: Sweet Dreams / Night Light / Guardian Angel / Night Light” (8:33) A2. “Lemon Pie” (4:01) A3. “Starshine / Angel Wine” (5:15) A4. “Where Do You Go (When You Need a Hole to Crawl In)” (3:02) B1. […]

Spanky Wilson – Specialty of the House (1975)

Specialty of the House is the fourth album by American soul singer Spanky Wilson, released in 1975 on Westbound. The album was her first in five years and would be her last for another 16 years. Tracklist: A1. “Specialty of the House” (2:52) A2. “Missing Pieces” (3:56) A3. “I Think I’m Gonna Cry” (3:37) A4. […]

Solution – Cordon Bleu (1975)

Cordon Bleu is the third album by Dutch jazz-rock/soul band Solution, released in 1975 on Rocket. Tracklist: A1. “Chappaqua” (10:35 — :01–5:11–10:27) A2. “Third Line Part 1” (1:38) A3. “Third Line Part 2” (5:44) A4. “A Song For You” (3:55) B1. “Whirligig” (9:03) B2. “Last Detail Part 1” (2:48) B3. “Last Detail Part 2” (2:43) […]

The Clash – Give ‘Em Enough Rope (1978)

Give ‘Em Enough Rope is the second album by English rock band The Clash, released in November 1978 on CBS/Epic. Tracklist: A1. “Safe European Home” (3:50) A2. “English Civil War” (2:35) A3. “Tommy Gun” (3:17) A4. “Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad” (3:03) A5. “Last Gang in Town” (5:14) B1. “Guns on the Roof” […]

City Boy – The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1979)

The Day the Earth Caught Fire is the fifth album by English hard-rock/art-rock band City Boy, released in 1979 on Mercury. Tracklist: A1. “The Day the Earth Caught Fire” (5:26) A2. “It’s Only the End of the World” (4:04) A3. “Interrupted Melody” (5:30) A4. “Modern Love Affair” (3:31) B1. “New York Times” (5:11) B2. “Up […]

City Boy – Book Early (1978)

Book Early is the fourth album by English hard-rock/art-rock band City Boy, released in 1978 on Mercury. Tracklist: A1. “” (3:10) A2. “Summer in the School Yard” (3:52) A3. “Goodbye Laurelie” (3:10) A4. “Raise Your Glass (To Foolish Me)” (2:57) A5. “Cigarettes” (5:30) A6. “What a Night” (2:57) B1. “Do What You Do, Do Well” (3:29) […]

Charlie – Lines (1978)

Lines is the third album by English rock band Charlie, released in 1978 on Janus. Tracklist: A1. “She Loves to Be in Love” (4:23) A2. “No More Heartache” (3:44) A3. “Life So Cruel” (4:38) A4. “Watching T.V.” (3:30) A5. “Out of Control” (4:33) B1. “L.A. Dreamer” (4:38) B2. “No Strangers in Paradise” (4:38) B3. “Keep […]

Charlie – No Second Chance (1977)

No Second Chance is the sophomoric longplayer by English rock band Charlie, released in 1977 on Janus. Tracklist: A1. “Johnny Hold Back” (4:18) A2. “Turning to You” (3:03) A3. “Don’t Look Back” (4:29) A4. “Pressure Point” (3:40) A5. “Thirteen” (6:18) B1. “No Second Chance” (4:44) B2. “Lovers” (6:27) B3. “Love Is Alright” (3:57) B4. “Guitar […]

Sonny Fortune – Awakening (1975)

Awakening is the second album by American post-bop saxophonist Sonny Fortune, released in 1975 on Horizon. Tracklist: A1. “Triple Threat” (10:25) A2. “Nommo” (9:38) B1. “Sunshower” (5:14) B2. “For Duke and Cannon” (2:58) B3. “Awakening” (12:17) Credits: Sonny Fortune — alto saxophone, flute, cowbell, chimes, percussion, claves, shaker Charles Sullivan — trumpet, flugelhorn Kenny Barron — […]

René McLean Sextet – Watch Out (1975)

Watch Out is an album by American post-bop saxist René McLean, recorded 7/9/75 with a sextet that features pianist Hubert Eaves and bassist Buster Williams. The album was released in 1975 on the Danish jazz label SteepleChase. The following year, the albums was issued stateside on Inner City Records. Tracklist: A1. “Bilad as Sudan (Land […]

Stanley Clarke – Journey to Love (1975)

Journey to Love is the third album by American jazz-rock bassist Stanley Clarke, released in 1975 on Nemperor. Tracklist: A1. “Silly Putty” (4:40) A2. “Journey to Love” (4:54) A3. “Hello Jeff” (5:16) A4. “Song to John (Part 1) (Dedicated to John Coltrane)” (4:20) B1. “Song to John (Part 2) (Dedicated to John Coltrane)” (6:05) B2. “Concerto […]

Energit – Energit (1975)

Energit is the first of two albums by the namesake Czechoslovakian jazz-rock band, released in 1975 on Supraphon. Tracklist: A. “Ráno / Morning Part I.” (17:25)* B1. “Paprsek ranního slunce (The Early Sunray)” (4:40) B2. “Noční motýl (Night Butterfly)” (7:50) B3. “Apoteóza (Apotheosis)” (2:55) B4. “Ráno (Morning Part II)” (4:05) *(:01–7:21–10:30–15:11–17:20) Credits: Bass Guitar – Jan […]

Eric Tagg – Smilin’ Memories (1975)

Smilin’ Memories is the debut solo album by American blue-eyed soul singer Eric Tagg, released in 1975 on EMI. Tracklist: A1. “Tell-Tale Eyes” (2:56) A2. “Love to Love You” (3:02) A3. “Castle of Loneliness” (4:28) A4. “Steamboat” (4:08) A5. “Sandman (Bring Me a Dream)” (4:12) B1. “The Only Thing You Said” (4:09) B2. “A Fantasy” […]

Clearlight – Forever Blowing Bubbles (1975)

Forever Blowing Bubbles is the second album by French electro/space-rock operative Clearlight, released in 1975 on Virgin. Tracklist: A1. “Chanson” (4:50) A2. “Without Words” (7:30) A3. “Way” (8:00) B1. “Ergotrip” (6:35) B2. “Et pendant ce temps la” (4:10) B3. “Narcisse et Goldmund” (2:30) B4. “Jungle Bubbles” (3:40) Credits: Cyrille Verdeaux — grand piano, harpsichord, synthesiser, […]

Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes ‎– Cosmic Funk (1974)

Cosmic Funk is the second album by Lonnie Liston Smith‘s Cosmic Echoes, released in 1974 on Flying Dutchman. Tracklist: A1. “Cosmic Funk” (5:35) A2. “Footprints” (6:08) A3. “Beautiful Woman” (6:57) B1. “Sais (Egypt)” (8:15) B2. “Peaceful Ones” (5:03) B3. “Naima” (4:02) Credits: Lonnie Liston Smith — piano, electric piano, percussion, writer Donald Smith — vocals, […]

Catalyst – Unity (1974)

Unity is the third album by American jazz-funk/post-bop quartet Catalyst, released in 1974 on Muse. Tracklist: A1. “A Country Song” (6:20) A2. “Little Miss Lady” (4:53) A3. “Maze” (5:17) B1. “Athene” (5:27) B2. “Mail Order” (6:12) B3. “Shorter Street” (3:53) Credits: Bass – Zuri Tyrone Brown Drums, Percussion – Onaje Sherman Ferguson Electric Piano – […]

Vytas Brenner – Jayeche (1975)

Jayeche is the third album by Venezuelan musician/composer Vytas Brenner, released in 1975 on Discomoda. Tracklist: A1. “Cariaco” (4:30) A2. “Sancocho De Medula” (2:04) A3. “La Restinga” (3:00) A4. “Playa de Agua” (9:00) B1. “Canchunchu Florido” (1:40) B2. “6 Por Electron” (3:20) B3. “Jayeche” (2:25) B4. “Catatumbo” (2:40) B5. “Caracas Para Locos” (5:04) B6. “Avila” […]

Toto Blanke – Spider’s Dance (1975)

Spider’s Dance is the debut solo album by German jazz-rock guitarist Toto Blanke, released in 1975 on Vertigo. Tracklist: A1. “Lady’s Bicycle Seat Smeller” (7:00) A2. “Intermission” (6:58) A3. “Rocbaron” (2:45) A4. “Toto” (6:22) B1. “Spider’s Dance” (4:33) B2. “Prelude” (0:58) B3. “Slight Touch of Hepatitis” (14:28) Credits: Toto Blanke — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, […]

Donald Byrd – Stepping Into Tomorrow (1975)

Stepping Into Tomorrow is a jazz-funk album by American trumpeter Donald Byrd, released in 1975 on Blue Note. Tracklist: A1. “Stepping Into Tomorrow” (5:13) A2. “Design a Nation” (4:20) A3. “We’re Together” (4:25) A4. “Think Twice” (6:12) B1. “Makin’ It” (3:48) B2. “Rock and Roll Again” (6:09) B3. “You Are the World” (4:31) B4. “I […]

Doug Hammond – Reflections in the Sea of Nurnen (1975)

Reflections in the Sea of Nurnen is the debut album by American jazz musician Doug Hammond, released in 1975 on Tribe. Tracklist: A1. “Fidalgo Detour” (7:32) A2. “Space II” (0:35) A3. “Wake Up Brothers” (3:05) A4. “Reflections” (4:23) B1. “For Real” (2:56) B2. “Space I” (2:00) B3. “Sea of Nurnen” (4:34) B4. “Moves” (4:29) Reissue […]

Dee Dee Sharp – Happy ‘Bout the Whole Thing (1975)

Happy ‘Bout the Whole Thing is an album by American soul singer Dee Dee Sharp, issued in 1975 on Philadelphia International Records. Released as the singer turned 30, the album was her first longplayer in 12 years. Tracklist: A1. “Love Buddies” (3:43) A2. “Touch My Life” (4:23) A3. “Ooh Child” (5:12) A4. “Real Hard Day” […]

Coke Escovedo – Coke (1975)

Coke is the debut solo album by American Latin-jazz/funk percussionist Coke Escovedo, released in 1975 on Mercury. Tracklist: A1. “No One To Depend On” (4:20) A2. “Why Can’t We Be Lovers” (3:40) A3. “Rebirth” (3:50) A4. “Easy Come, Easy Go” (3:12) A5. “Love Letters” (2:55) B1. “Hall’s Delight” (2:50) B2. “If I Ever Lose This Heaven” […]

Chico Hamilton – Peregrinations (1975)

Peregrinations is a jazz-funk album by American drummer Chico Hamilton, released in 1975 on Blue Note. Tracklist: A1. “V-O” (3:59) A2. “The Morning Side of Love” (5:18) A3. “Abdullah and Abraham” (4:16) A4. “Andy’s Walk” (4:18) A5. “Peregrinations” (3:16) B1. “Sweet Dreams” (5:54) B2. “Little Lisa” (2:49) B3. “Space for Stacy” (3:10) B4. “On and Off” […]

Bullet – The Hanged Man (1975)

The Hanged Man is a soundtrack album by English library/screen composer Alan Tew, released in 1975 under the moniker Bullet on Pickwick-subsidiary Contour Records. Tracklist: A1. “Contract Man” (2:31) A2. “G.B.H.” (2:58) A3. “Road Runner” (2:25) A4. “The Heist” (3:44) A5. “Duluth Blues” (0:53) A6. “The Spic” (1:37) A7. “Hanged Man” (2:32) B1. “Blue Panther” […]

Bruno Nicolai – Rendez Vous (1975)

Rendez Vous is a 1975 album by Italian library composer Bruno Nicolai, released on the artist’s own Gemelli label. Tracklist: A1. “Rendez-Vous” (4:54) A2. “Ambiguità” (2:25) A3. “Sgomento” (3:56) A4. “Diffidenza” (2:15) A5. “L’Ultimo Colpo” (2:17) A6. “Subdolamente” (2:00) B1. “Apprensioni” (4:32) B2. “Incertezza” (3:19) B3. “Affanno” (1:40) B4. “Turbamento” (1:57) B5. “Inchiesta” (1:36) B6. […]

Eno – Another Green World (1975)

Another Green World is the third solo album by English art-rock/electronic musician Brian Eno, released in 1975 on Island. Tracklist: A1. “Sky Saw” (3:27) A2. “Over Fire Island” (1:51) A3. “St. Elmo’s Fire” (3:01) A4. “In Dark Trees” (2:32) A5. “The Big Ship” (2:37) A6. “I’ll Come Running” (3:50) A7. “Another Green World” (1:42) B1. […]

The Brecker Brothers – The Brecker Bros. (1975)

The Brecker Bros. is the debut headlining album by the brotherly duo of trumpeter Randy Brecker and saxophonist Michael Brecker, released in 1975 on Arista. Tracklist: A1. “Some Skunk Funk” (5:52) A2. “Sponge” (4:06) A3. “A Creature of Many Faces” (7:41) A4. “Twilight” (5:45) B1. “Sneakin’ Up Behind You” (4:55) B2. “Rocks” (4:40) B3. “Levitate” […]

The Best of Both Worlds – I Want the World to Know (1975)

I Want the World to Know is the first of two albums by the Best of Both Worlds, released in 1975 on Calla. Tracklist: A1. “Anyway the Wind Blows” (2:21) A2. “Broad Jumping” (2:52) A3. “I Want the World to Know” (4:24) A4. “Invisible Flowers” (2:59) A5. “Greedy Green” (2:46) B1. “50-50” (3:12) B2. “Lost […]

Besombes-Rizet – Pôle (1975)

Pôle is a collaborative album between experimental French musicians Philippe Besombes and Jean-Louis Rizet, released in 1975 as a two-LP set on the title-sake Pôle label. Tracklist: A1. “Haute pression” (10:56) A2. “Evelyse” (7:57) B1. “Armature double” (18:00) C1. “Lundi matin” (5:41) C2. “Montélimar” (7:37) C3. “Rock à Montauban” (3:30) D1. “Synthi soit-il” (21:42) Credits: Drums […]

Azymuth – Azimüth (1975)

Azimüth is the debut album by Brazilian samba/jazz-funk combo Azymuth, released in 1975 on Som Livre. Tracklist: A1. “Linha do horizonte” (4:25) A2. “Melô dos dois bicudos” (3:07) A3. “Brazil” (4:03) A4. “Faça de conta” (4:32) A5. “Caça a raposa” (5:12) B1. “Estrada dos deuses” (3:40) B2. “Esperando minha vez” (3:03) B3. “Montreal City” (3:22) […]

Azar Lawrence – Summer Solstice (1975)

Summer Solstice is the second album by American jazz saxophonist Azar Lawrence, released in 1975 on Prestige. Tracklist: A1. “From the Point of Love” (7:58) A2. “Novo Ano” (6:42) A3. “From the Point of Light” (6:55) B1. “Summer Solstice” (9:30) B2. “Highway” (9:48) Credits: Azar Lawrence — saxophone Raul de Souza — trombone Albert Dailey […]

Argent – Circus (1975)

Circus is the sixth studio album by English symphonic/jazz-rock band Argent, released in 1975 on Epic. Tracklist: A1. “Circus” (3:45) A2. “Highwire” (9:05) A3. “Clown” (5:50) B1. “Trapeze” (8:48) B2. “Shine on Sunshine” (4:02) B3. “The Ring” (1:20) B4. “The Jester” (3:35) Credits: Rod Argent – Fender Rhodes, Mellotron, Moog Synthesizer, Hammond organ, Piano, Vocals John […]

Area – Crac! (1975)

Crac! is the third studio album by Italian avant-garde/jazz-rock band Area, released in 1975 on Cramps. Tracklist: A1. “L’elefante bianco” (4:34) A2. “La mela di Odessa (1920)” (6:40) A3. “Megalopoli” (7:52) B1. “Nervi scoperti” (6:35) B2. “Gioia e rivoluzione” (4:38) B3. “Implosion” (5:00) B4. “Area 5” (2:08) Credits: Giulio Capiozzo — drums, percussion Patrizio Fariselli […]

Rush – 2112 (1976)

2112 is the fourth studio album by Canadian rockers Rush, released in 1976 on Anthem Records. This is the third album of their classic lineup with drummer–lyricist Neil Peart. It’s their second of three albums to contain a side-long suite, here in the form of the 20-minute, seven-part title opus “2112.” Tracklist: A. “2112” (20:34) […]

Peter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel [II] (1978)

Peter Gabriel is the second solo album by English singer–musician Peter Gabriel, released on June 3, 1978, on Charisma (UK) and Atlantic (US). It’s alternately known as Peter Gabriel II (or “scratch,” a reference to the cover) to avoid confusion with his 1977 release Peter Gabriel. The album was produced by Robert Fripp, who plays […]

Leroy Hutson – Hutson (1975)

Hutson is the third album buy American R&B musician Leroy Hutson, released in 1975 on Curtom. Tracklist: A1. “All Because of You” (7:03) A2. “I Bless the Day” (4:45) A3. “It’s Different” (4:42) B1. “Cool Out” (3:00) B2. “Lucky Fellow” (5:02) B3. “Can’t Stay Away” (6:33) B4. “So Much Love” (3:19) Credits: Leroy Hutson — […]

Lenny White – Venusian Summer (1975)

Venusian Summer is the debut solo album by jazz-rock drummer Lenny White, released in 1975 on Nemperor. Tracklist: A1. “Chicken-Fried Steak” (4:33) A2. “Away Go Troubles Down the Drain” (3:31) A3. The Venusian Summer Suite –a. “Sirènes” (4:28) –b. “Venusian Summer” (6:38) B1. “Prelude to Rainbow Delta” (1:10) B2. “Mating Drive” (7:40) B3. “Prince of […]

Kenny Barron – Lucifer (1975)

Lucifer is the third headlining studio album by American jazz-funk keyboardist Kenny Barron, released in 1975 on Muse. Tracklist: A1. “Spirits” (9:00) A2. “Firefly” (8:52) A3. “Ethereally Your” (5:53) B1. “Hellbound” (13:00) B2. “Lucifer” (5:36) B3. “Oleo” (5:03) Credits: Kenny Barron — piano, electric piano, Clavinet, cowbell, synthesizer, composer Bill Barron — soprano saxophone James Spaulding […]

Minnie Riperton – Adventures in Paradise (1975)

Adventures in Paradise is the third album by American soul singer Minnie Riperton, released in 1975 on Epic. Tracklist: A1. “Baby, This Love I Have” (4:06) A2. “Feelin’ That Your Feelin’s Right” (4:30) A3. “When It Comes Down to It” (3:24) A4. “Minnie’s Lament” (4:14) A5. “Love and its Glory” (5:13) B1. “Adventures in Paradise” […]

Messengers – First Message (1975)

First Message is the debut album by German jazz-funk/big band the Messengers, released in 1975 on Red Point. Tracklist: A1. “Hankock’s Hideaway” (6:08) A2. “Man With the Sea-Blue Eyes” (3:04) A3. “Kind of a Love Affair” (3:44) A4. “Number One” (3:38) A5. “One-and-Twenty” (4:27) B1. “All Is Fair in Love” (3:32) B2. “Ballerina (Take Me […]

Mahavishnu Orchestra – Visions of the Emerald Beyond (1975)

Visions of the Emerald Beyond is an album by the Mahavishnu Orchestra, released in 1975 on Columbia. The album is the fourth chronological studio release under the Mahavishnu nameplate and the second to feature the mark II lineup with violinist Jean-Luc Ponty and drummer Narada Michael Walden. Tracklist: A1. “Eternity’s Breath Part 1” (3:10) A2. […]

Lyman Woodard Organization – Saturday Night Special (1975)

Saturday Night Special is the debut album by American jazz-funk operative the Lyman Woodard Organization, released in 1975 on Strata. Tracklist: A1. “Saturday Night Special (Part I)” (2:50) A2. “Saturday Night Special (Part II)” (4:03) A3. “Joy Road” (4:54) A4. “Belle Isle Daze (Part I)” (4:10) A5. “Belle Isle Daze (Part II)” (3:21) A6. “Creative […]

Neil Merryweather – Kryptonite (1975)

Kryptonite is an album by Canadian rock bassist Neil Merryweather, released in 1975 on Mercury. The album is the second of two back-to-back psych/space-rock LPs that he cut for the label during the mid-1970s. Tracklist: A1. “Kryptonite” (3:23) A2. “Star Rider” (5:25) A3. “Always Be You” (3:30) A4. “Give It Everything We Got” (5:27) B1. “The […]

Progresiv TM – Dreptul de a Visa (1975)

Dreptul de a Visa is an album by Romanian symphonic/hard-rock band Progresiv TM, released in 1975 on Electrecord. Tracklist: A1. “Omul e valul” (6:05) A2. “Nimeni nu e singur” (3:45) A3. “Rușinea soarelui” (3:25) A4. “Clepsidra” (4:30) B1. “Odată doar vei răsări” (3:25) B2. “Va cădea o stea” (4:20) B3. “Dreptul de a visa / […]

Judas Priest – British Steel (1980)

British Steel is the sixth studio album by English metal band Judas Priest, released in 1980 on Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “Rapid Fire” (4:08) A2. “Metal Gods” (4:00) A3. “Breaking the Law” (2:35) A4. “Grinder” (3:58) A5. “United” (3:35) B1. “You Don’t Have to Be Old to Be Wise” (5:04) B2. “Living After Midnight” (3:31) B3. […]

Joy Division – Closer (1980)

Closer is the second and final proper album by Mancunian mood rockers Joy Division, released in July 1980 on Factory Records. The release was foreshadowed by the death of frontman Ian Curtis, who committed suicide in May of that year. Tracklist: A1. “Atrocity Exhibition” (6:04) A2. “Isolation” (2:53) A3. “Passover” (4:46) A4. “Colony” (3:55) A5. “A […]

The Edge – Square 1 (1980)

Square 1 is the lone album by English New Wave/art-punk foursome The Edge, released in 1980 on Hurricane Records. Tracklist: A1. “Edge Theme” A2. “Weekend Return” A3. “Wallflowers” A4. “Winning Streak” A5. “Isn’t It Strange?” A6. “Hanging Man” B1. “From the 17th” B2. “I Give Up” B3. “Let Go” B4. “Take Off” B5. “Here and […]

Dire Straits – Making Movies (1980)

Making Movies is the third album by English band Dire Straits, released in 1980 on Vertigo/Warner Bros. Tracklist: A1. “Tunnel of Love” (8:09) A2. “Romeo and Juliet” (5:47) A3. “Skateaway” (6:32) B1. “Expresso Love” (5:17) B2. “Hand in Hand” (4:50) B3. “Solid Rock” (3:18) B4. “Les Boys” (4:07) Credits: Mark Knopfler — vocals, guitar, writer, […]

The Damned – The Black Album (1980)

The Black Album is the fourth album by English rockers The Damned, originally released as a triple-sided studio/quarter-live double-LP in 1980 on Chiswick. Outside the UK, the first record in the set was released as a single album. Tracklist: A1. “Wait for the Blackout” (3:57) A2. “Lively Arts” (2:59) A3. “Silly Kids Games” (2:35) A4. […]

The Cure – Seventeen Seconds (1980)

Seventeen Seconds is the second album by English New Wave/mood rockers The Cure, released in 1980 on Fiction/Polydor. Tracklist: A1. “A Reflection” (2:08) A2. “Play for Today” (3:41) A3. “Secrets” (3:20) A4. “In Your House” (4:07) A5. “Three” (2:34) B1. “The Final Sound” (0:52) B2. “A Forest” (5:55)* B3. “M” (3:03) B4. “At Night” (5:54) […]

The Clash – Sandinista (1980)

Sandinista is the fourth album by English rock/reggae band The Clash, released in 1980 as a triple-LP set on CBS/Epic. Tracklist: A1. “The Magnificent Seven” (5:31) A2. “Hitsville U.K.” (4:22) A3. “Junco Partner” (4:52) A4. “Ivan Meets G.I. Joe” (3:05) A5. “The Leader” (1:42) A6. “Something About England” (3:42) B1. “Rebel Waltz” (3:25) B2. “Look […]

Art Zoyd – Génération Sans Futur (1980)

Génération Sans Futur is the third album by French avant-garde/chamber-rock ensemble Art Zoyd, released in 1980 on Atem. “La Ville” Droning cello/viola and low-volume chants paced by the lowest D note on the piano…. Nocturnal, foreboding vibe… tense up occurs around 2:40 with throbbing one-note bass figure in D… aggressive yet faint chanting… frantic piano/viola […]

Allegro – Контрасты [Contrasts] (1980)

Контрасты [Contrasts] is an album by Russian jazz-rock ensemble Allegro, released in 1980 on Мелодия (Melodiya). Tracklist: A1. “Волжские напевы” (7:17) A2. “В народном духе” (10:45) В. “Контрасты (Концертино в 3-х частях)” (19:04) — Часть 1 — Часть 2 — Часть 3 Credits: Виктор Двоскин 〈Victor Dvoskin〉 — bass Виктор Епанешников 〈Victor Epaneshnikov〉 — drums […]

Ambiance – Drift Up to Space (1980)

Drift Up to Space is the second album by American jazz-funk combo Ambiance, released in 1980 on Da Mon. Tracklist: A1. “Drift Up to Space” (6:00) A2. “Freedom” (4:00) A3. “Ironti” (5:20) A4. “Simsamayaland” (5:00) B1. “Devika” (8:00) B2. “Just by Chance” (5:10) B3. “IO/IO” (6:53) Credits: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar – Larry Knight Alto […]