Def Leppard – High ‘n’ Dry (1981)

High ‘n’ Dry is the second album by Sheffield metal band Def Leppard, released in 1981 on Mercury. Tracklist: A1. “Let It Go” (4:43) A2. “Another Hit and Run” (4:59) A3. “High ‘n’ Dry (Saturday Night)” (3:25) A4. “Bringin’ On the Heartbreak” (4:33) A5. “Switch 625” (3:03) B1. “You Got Me Runnin’” (4:22) B2. “Lady […]

Curved Air – Air Cut (1973)

Air Cut is the fourth album by English symphonic-rock band Curved Air, released in 1973 on Warner Bros. The album features the violin/keyboard talents of an 18-year-old Eddie Jobson, who deputized the roles of Darryl Way and Francis Monkman for these sessions. Tracklist: A1. “The Purple Speed Queen” (3:23) A2. “Elfin Boy” (4:12) A3. “Metamorphosis” […]

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Juju (1981)

Juju is the fourth album by English goth/psych/art-pop band Siouxsie and the Banshees, released in 1981 on Polydor/Geffen. Tracklist: A1. “Spellbound” (3:18) A2. “Into the Light” (4:14) A3. “Arabian Knights” (3:06) A4. “Halloween” (3:42) A5. “Monitor” (5:35) B1. “Night Shift” (6:05) B2. “Sin in My Heart” (3:38) B3. “Head Cut” (4:24) B4. “Voodoo Dolly” (7:03) Credits: […]

Billy Joel – Piano Man (1973)

Piano Man is the second solo album by American singer/songwriter Billy Joel, released in 1973 on Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “Travelin’ Prayer” (4:10) A2. “Piano Man” (5:37) A3. “Ain’t No Crime” (3:20) A4. “You’re My Home” (3:14) A5. “The Ballad of Billy the Kid” (5:35) B1. “Worse Comes to Worst” (3:28) B2. “Stop in Nevada” (3:40) […]

Billy Cobham – Spectrum (1973)

Spectrum is the debut solo album by American jazz-rock drummer Billy Cobham, released in 1973 on Atlantic. Tracklist: A1. “Quadrant 4” (4:30) A2. “Searching for the Right Door / Spectrum” (6:33) A3. “Anxiety / Taurian Matador” (4:45) B1. “Stratus” (9:50) B2. “To the Women in My Life / Le lis” (4:00) B3. “Snoopy’s Search / Red […]

Charles Earland – The Dynamite Brothers (1974)

The Dynamite Brothers is a soundtrack album by American jazz-funk organist Charles Earland, released in 1974 on Prestige Records. Tracklist: A1. “Betty’s Theme” (5:01) A2. “Never Ending Melody” (5:19) A3. “Grasshopper” (2:47) A4. “Shanty Blues” (4:11) A5. “Weedhopper” (3:32) B1. “Razor J.” (2:25) B2. “Snake” (8:37) B3. “Kungfusion” (3:41) B4. “Incense of Essence” (4:39) Credits: […]

Carlos Santana, Mahavishnu John McLaughlin – Love Devotion Surrender (1973)

Love Devotion Surrender is a collaborative album between American Latin-rock guitarist Carlos Santana and English jazz-rock guitarist John McLaughlin, released in 1973 on Columbia. Tracklist: A1. “A Love Supreme” (7:48) A2. “Naima” (3:09) A3. “The Life Divine” (9:30) B1. “Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord” (15:45) B2. “Meditation” (2:45) Credits: Carlos Santana […]

Buckingham Nicks – Buckingham Nicks (1973)

Buckingham Nicks is the first and only duo album from American musical partners Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, released in 1973 on Polydor. A year after the album’s release, the pair joined Fleetwood Mac and rode that nameplate to global fame. Tracklist: A1. “Crying in the Night” (2:58) A2. “Stephanie” (2:12) A3. “Without a Leg […]

Carmen – Fandangos in Space (1973)

Fandangos in Space is the first of three albums by Californian flamenco/art-rock ensemble Carmen, released in 1973 on Regal Zonophone. Tracklist: A1. “Bulerias” (5:10) —i. Cante —ii. Baile —iii. Reprise A2. “Bullfight” (4:06) A3. “Stepping Stone” (3:45) A4. “Sailor Song” (4:07) A5. “Lonely House” (3:54) B1. “Por Tarantos” (1:40) B2. “Looking Outside (My Window)” (7:10) […]

Billy Paul – War of the Gods (1973)

War of the Gods is an album by American soul singer Billy Paul, released in 1973 on Philadelphia International Records. Tracklist: A1. “I See the Light” (6:13) A2. “War of the Gods” (10:07) B1. “The Whole Town’s Talking” (4:46) B2. “I Was Married” (7:19) B3. “Thanks for Saving My Life” (2:58) B4. “Peace Holy Peace” […]

Betty Davis – Betty Davis (1973)

Betty Davis is the debut solo album by the namesake American soul/funk singer, released in 1973 on Just Sunshine Records. Tracklist: A1. “If I’m in Luck I Might Get Picked Up” (4:51) A2. “Walking Up the Road” (2:47) A3. “Anti Love Song” (4:24) A4. “Your Man My Man” (3:28) B1. “Ooh Yea” (3:05) B2. “Steppin […]

Alphonse Mouzon – The Essence of Mystery (1973)

The Essence of Mystery is the debut solo album by American jazz-rock drummer Alphonse Mouzon, released in 1973 on Blue Note. Tracklist: A1. “The Essence Of Mystery” (4:55) A2. “Funky Finger” (3:40) A3. “Crying Angels” (5:23) A4. “Why Can’t We Make It” (3:27) A5. “Macrobian” (5:14) B1. “Spring Water” (6:27) B2. “Sunflower” (4:27) B3. “Thank […]

Alquin – The Mountain Queen (1973)

The Mountain Queen is the second album by Dutch jazz-rock band Alquin, released in 1973 on Polydor. Tracklist: A1. “The Dance” (13:10) A2. “Soft-Eyed Woman” (2:39) A3. “Convicts of the Air” (4:32) B1. “Mountain Queen” (15:04) B2. “Mr.Barnum Jr.’s Magnificent and Fabulous City” (4:32) B3. “Don and Dewey – Theme by Don Bowman” (0:55) Credits: Bass […]

Genesis – A Trick of the Tail (1976)

A Trick of the Tail is the seventh studio album by English symphonic-rock band Genesis, released in 1976 on Charisma/Atco. Tracklist: A1. “Dance on a Volcano” Rutherford, Banks, Hackett, Collins (5:53) A2. “Entangled” Hackett, Banks (6:28) A3. “Squonk” Rutherford, Banks (6:27) A4. “Mad Man Moon” Banks (7:35) B1. “Robbery, Assault and Battery” Banks, Collins (6:15) […]