Zyma were a German symphonic/jazz-rock band that debuted with two songs on the multi-artist Proton 1 compilation, released on Kerston Records in 1975. The band reemerged with the album Thoughts on their own Z-Productions label in 1978, followed by the similarly self-pressed Brave New World in 1979.

Members: Karl-Heinz Weiler (drums, 1972-73), Bodo Brandl (bass), Günter Hornung (organ, electric piano, synthesizer), Meinrad Hirt (vocals, violin, flute, keyboards, guitar), Tim Pfau (guitar, vocals, 1972-76), Udo Kübler (drums, vocals, 1973-?), Dorle Ferber (vocals, violin, 1974-?), Joachim Romeis (viola, violin, trumpet)


  • Thoughts (1978)
  • Brave New World (1979)

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