Zut Un Feu Rouge

Zut Un Feu Rouge were a Swedish art-rock band that debuted with the 1983 EP Kafka vs. Chaplin, followed by the popular 1985 album Who’s Afreud. Both releases, along with a cassette-only demo/live collection, were issued on Bauta, a specialty label run by the band’s multi-instrumentalist mastermind Lach’n Jonsson.

Members: Bengt Fredriksson (devices), Gunnar Johansson (tenor saxophone, bass, guitar, accordion), Klaus Fischer (alto saxophone), Lars Druid (drums, percussion, organ, harmonica), Lars Jonsson [aka Lach’n Jonsson] (guitar, violin, organ, drums, vocals), Mats Andersson (guitar, bass, vocals, organ, accordion), Peter De Leeuw (vocals), Andreas Hedvall (trombone), Maggan (backing vocals), Ingemo (backing vocals)


  • Kafka vs. Chaplin (EP, 1983)
  • Who’s Afreud (1985)
  • Sweet Zutrospectacles (1986)

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