Zingale were an Israeli symphonic/jazz-rock octet that was active during the mid-to-late 1970s. The band released the album Peace in 1977 on Krypton. CD reissues of the album contain six archival tracks from previously unreleased 1974 and 1976 sessions by the band.

Members: Ephraim Barak (electric guitar, keyboards, vocals), Ehud Tamir (bass, keyboards, vocals), David Bachar (harmonica, vocals, 1974-80), Jonathan Stern (acoustic guitar, vocals, 1974-80), David Shanan (drums, 1974-77), Adi Weiss (keyboards, 1975-80), Tony Brower (electric violin, mandolin, 1975-80), Ami Lipner [aka Me El-Ma] (drums, 1977), Meir Fennigstein (drums, 1977), Barak Ben-Zour (drums, percussion, 2008-present)


  • Peace (1977)

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