Zephyr was an American rock band that launched the career of guitarist Tommy Bolin. They released a self-titled album on ABC/Probe in 1969, followed by Going Back to Colorado on Warner Bros. in 1971. After Bolin jumped ship to the James Gang (and later Deep Purple), Zephyr released Sunset Ride with future Firefall guitarist Jock Bartley.

Members: Candy Givens (lead vocals, harmonica, keyboards), David Givens (bass, vocals, drums), Tommy Bolin (lead guitar, vocals, 1968-71, 1973), John Faris (keyboards, flute, vocals, saxophone, 1968-71, 1973), Robbie Chamberlin (drums, vocals, 1968-70), Bobby Berge (drums, 1970-71, 1973), Jock Bartley (guitar, vocals, 1971-72), Dan Smyth (keyboards, 1971-72), P.M. Wooten (percussion, drums, 1971-72), Eddie Turner (guitar)

Zephyr was formed in 1968 in Boulder, Colorado, by guitarist Tommy Bolin, keyboardist John Faris, bass guitarist David Givens, drummer Robbie Chamberlin, and vocalist Candy Givens.


  • Zephyr (1969)
  • Going Back to Colorado (1971)
  • Sunset Ride (1972)
  • Heartbeat (1982)


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