You were a German electro/space-rock band released a standalone single and the album Electric Day on Cain circa 1980/81, followed by two albums on Rock City Records between 1982 and 1984. A final album, Laserscape, appeared on Racket in 1986.

Members: Ulrich Weber (guitar, gongs), Udo Hanten (synthesizer, loops), Albin Meskes (synthesizer, sequencer, Mellotron), Lhan Gopal [Harald Grosskopf] (drums, percussion, synthesizer)


  • Electric Day (1980)
  • “Scanner (Part One)” / “Scanner (Part Two)” (12″, 1981)
  • Time Code (1982)
  • Wonders From the Genetic Factory (1984)
  • Laserscape (1986)

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