Yonin-Bayashi (四人囃子) were a Japanese folk-psych band that released two albums on Tam in 1973 and 1974, followed by the album Golden Picnics on CBS/Sony in 1976. A further trio of titles appeared on Viento/See・Saw over the subsequent three-year period.

Members: 森園勝敏 [Katsutoshi Morizono] (guitar, vocals), 中村真一 [Shin’ichi Nakamura] (bass), 岡井大二 [Daiji Okai] (drums), 坂下秀実 [Hidemi Sakashita] (keyboards), 茂木由多加 [Yutaka Mogi] (keyboards), 佐久間正英 [Masahide Sakuma] (bass, guitar), Mitsuru Sutoh (guitar, vocals)


  • Hatachi no Genten (二十歳の原点) (1973)
  • 一触即発 (Isshoku-Sokuhatsu) (1974)
  • Golden Picnics (1976)
  • Printed Jelly (1977)
  • Bão (包) (1978)
  • ’73 Yoninbayashi (’73 四人囃子) (1978)
  • NEO- N (1979)

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