Xoliso were a South African Afrobeat ensemble that issued the album Shingwanyana on the Soweto label in 1974. The project included drummer Johnny Motuba, who would briefly play with early ’80s jazz-funk/soul combo Kabasa. In 1982, he resurrected the Xoliso nameplate with different personnel for one further album.

Members: Johnny Motuba (drums), Abel Nkambule, Percy Monare, Gilbert Mathopa, Abraham Boikanyo, Alpheus Kolodi, Doc Mthalane (guitar, 1982), Elwyn Mabaso (bass, 1982), Don Laka (keyboards, 1982), Bobby Nkambule (organ, 1982), Fish Phale (percussion, 1982)


  • Shingwanyana (1974)
  • Xoliso (1982)

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