XL Capris

XL Capris were an Australian New Wave band from Sydney that released four singles and two albums on self-press Axle between 1979 and 1981.

Members: Julie Anderson [aka Nancy Serapax] (drums, 1978-1980), Tim Gooding [aka Errol Cruz] (guitar, vocals), Johanna Pigott [aka Alligator Bagg] (bass vocals), Kimble Rendall [aka Dag Rattler] (guitar, vocals, 1978-1980). Michael Farmer (drums, 1980-81). Todd Hunter (guitar 1980-81), Michael Churnside (bass, 1980-81), Barry Blackler (drums, 1980-81)


  • “My City of Sydney” / “Dead Budgies” (1979)
  • Where Is Hank? (1981)
  • Weeds (1981)

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