World of Oz

The World of Oz was an English pop-psych band from Birmingham that released a self-titled album on Deram in 1969.

Members: Christopher Robin [Chris Evans, aka Garbo] (vocals, guitar), Tony Clarkson (bass), David Kubinec (guitar, organ, 1968), David Reay (drums, 1968-?), Geoff Nicholls (organ, 1968-69), Rob Moore (drums), Peter Beckett (guitar, 1969)

The World of Oz was formed in January 1968 by guitarist/organist David Kubinec, guitarist/singer Chris Evans, bassist Tony Clarkson, and drummer David Reay. Kubinec hailed from R&B/soul-rockers The Pieces of Mind, which gigged the German club circuit in 1966/67.


  • The World of Oz (1969)


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