Working Week

Working Week were an English sophisti-pop trio that released three albums on Virgin between 1985 and 1987, followed by two 1989–91 titles on label-subsidiary Ten. The band revolved around the instrumental core of veteran jazz-saxophonist Larry Stabbins (Centipede/Keith Tippett’s Ark) and ex-Weekend guitarist Simon Booth, who chose the name “Working Week” as a spoof on his earlier combo. A succession of female vocalists passed through the lineup, starting with Tracey Thorn, pre-Everything But the Girl. On select recordings, the trio were assisted by Robert Wyatt and Julie Tippett. Musically, the band purveyed a mix of jazz-pop and soul akin to contemporaries Sade, Swans Way, Animal Nightlife, and Swing Out Sister.

Members: Tracey Thorn (vocals, 1983-85), Juliet Roberts (vocals, 1985-87), Simon Booth (guitar), Larry Stabbins (keyboards), Yvonne Waite (vocals, 1991-92)


  • Working Nights (1985)
  • Compañeros (1986)
  • Surrender (1987)
  • Fire in the Mountain (1989)
  • Black and Gold (1991)


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