Witchfynde were an English hard-rock/metal band that released two albums on Rondelet Music in 1980, followed by two further albums on Expulsion and Mausoleum in 1983 and 1984.

Members: Trevor Taylor [aka Montalo] (guitar), Gra Scoresby (drums), Neil Harvey (lead vocals, 1973-75), Richard Blower (bass, 1973-75), Steve Bridges (lead vocals, 1975-80), Andro Coulton (bass, 1975-80), Luther Beltz [aka Chalky White] (lead vocals, 1981-84, 1999, 2008-present), Pete Surgey (bass, 1981-83, 1999-present), Edd Wolfe (bass, 1984), Al Short (bass, 1984)


  • Give ‘Em Hell (1980)
  • Stagefright (1980)
  • Cloak & Dagger (1983)
  • Lords of Sin (1984)

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