The Wipers were an American punk band from Portland that released the 1978 maxi-single “Better Off Dead” on self-press Trap, followed by the 1980–81 releases Is This Real?, Alien Boy, and Youth of America on Park Avenue Records.

Members: Greg Sage (guitar, vocals, bass), Dave Koupal (bass, 1977-81), Sam Henry (drums, 1977-81), Brad Davidson (bass, 1981-87), Brad Naish (drums, 1981-84), Steve Plouf (drums, 1985-99)

The Wipers formed in 1977 in Portland, Oregon, where guitarist–singer Greg Sage formed a trio with bassist Dave Koupal and drummer Sam Henry.

Sage (b. October 21, 1951) worked as a cinema window wiper at the time of formation. The son of a radio broadcaster, Sage worked in his teens as a vinyl cutter. In 1971, he played guitar on the self-titled album by NW wrestler Beauregarde.

He established Trap Records for the debut Wipers release: “Better Off Dead” backed with “Up In Flames” and “Does It Hurt,” all Sage originals.

In 1980, Trap issued 10-29-79, which documents an October 29, 1979, multi-act concert at the Earth Tavern, a Portland punk haven at 632 NW 21st in the city’s Nob Hill district. The album features one Wipers number (“Same Old Thing”) amid tracks by fellow performers Lo Tek, Sado-Nation, Bop Zombies, Neo Boys, Smegma, The Rubbers, The Cleavers, and The Stiphnoyds.

  • Is This Real? (1980)
  • Alien Boy (EP, 1980)
  • Youth of America (1981)
  • Over the Edge (1983)
  • Land of the Lost (1986)
  • Follow Blind (1987)
  • The Circle (1988)


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