Wigwam was a Finnish psychedelic jazz-rock/art-rock band from Helsinki, formed in 1968. The band released seven studio albums, a live set, and assorted singles on Love Records between 1969 and 1977.

Members: Mats Huldén (bass, 1968-70, 2004-present), Ronnie Österberg (drums, 1968-80), Nikke Nikamo (guitar, 1968-70), Jim Pembroke (vocals, keyboards, 1969-present), Jukka Gustavson (keyboards, vocals, 1969-74), Pekka Pohjola (bass, 1970-74), Rekku Rechardt (guitar, 1974-present), Esa Kotilainen (keyboards, 1974-75, 1977, 2001-present), Måns Groundstroem (bass, 1974-2003), Pedro Hietanen (keyboards, 1975-77, 1991-92, 1999-2000), Jan Noponen (drums, 1991-93), Mikko Rintanen (keyboards, 1992-93), Jari “Kepa” Kettunen (drums, 1993-present), Jussi Kinnunen (bass, 2003-04)

Wigwam was one of two major bands formed from the ashes of Blues Section, a Finnish blues-rock quintet that featured drummer Ronnie Österberg and London-born keyboardist/singer Jim Pembroke. (Two other Blues Section members, singer Frank Robson and bassist Måns Groundstroem, formed Wigwam’s chief rivals Tasavallan Presidentti with guitarist Jukka Tolonen.)

In 1968, Pembroke and Österberg formed Wigwam with keyboardist composer Jukka Gustavson, guitarist Vladimir ”Nikke” Nikamo, and bassist Mats Huldén. Gustavson and Nikamo hailed from beatsters The Roosters. More recently, Nikamo partook in the noise-psych/shock-rock band The Sperm. Hulden had played with beatsters The First and Frankies.

Wigwam released their first album, Hard n’ Horny , on Love Records in 1969.


  • Hard n’ Horny (1969)
  • Tombstone Valentine (1970)
  • Fairyport (1971)
  • Being (1974)
  • Live Music From the Twilight Zone (live, 1975)
  • Nuclear Nightclub (1975)
  • Lucky Golden Stripes and Starpose (1976)
  • Dark Album (1977)


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