White Lion

White Lion were an American metal band from NYC that released the album Fight to Survive on Grand Slamm Records in 1985, followed by three albums on Atlantic between 1987 and 1991.

Members: Mike Tramp (vocals), Vito Bratta (guitar, 1983-91), Nicki Capozzi (drums, 1983-84), Felix Robinson (bass, 1983-84), Dave Spitz (bass, 1984), James LoMenzo (bass, 1984-91), Greg D’Angelo (drums, 1984-91), Jamie Law (guitar, 2005-present), Troy Patrick Farrell (drums, 2005-present), Henning Wanner (keyboards, 2005-present), Claus Langeskov (bass, 2005-present)


  • Fight to Survive (1985)
  • Pride (1987)
  • Big Game (1989)
  • Mane Attraction (1991)
  • Return of the Pride (2008)

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