Waves were a New Zealander folk-rock combo that released a self-titled album on Direction Records in 1975.

Members: Michael Matthews, Kevin Wildman, Graeme Gash, David Marshall

Waves were signed to the short-lived Direction Records (1974–76) which existed primarily as a distribution arm for Casablanca and Capricorn in the NZ market. The band’s singular album, Waves, was released in 1975 with production by Peter Dawkins (Farmyard, Fourmyula, Billy Thorpe, Graeme Connors). It features 12 songs, including “Wornout Rocker” and the singles “At the Beach,” “Dolphin Song,” and “Arrow.” Future Salty Dogg mastermind and solo artist Mike Harvey plays keyboards. Mike Chunn (then in Split Enz) is credited with bass.

Waves guitarist/singer Dave Marshall later played in the New Wave bands Lip Service, Martial Law, and Neons. Graeme Gash cut a solo album (After the Carnival, 1981) and later issued an electro single with Snap. Kevin Wildman recorded with Chunn’s Citizen Band.


  • Waves (1975)


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