Watchtower were an American metal band from Austin that released the album Energetic Disassembly on self-press Zombo Records in 1985, followed by Control and Resistance on Noise International in 1989.

Members: Doug Keyser (bass), Rick Colacula (drums), Billy White (guitar, 1982-86), Travis Allen (vocals, 1982), Jason McMaster (vocals, 1982-88, 1999-2009), Ron Jarzombek (guitar, 1987-present), Mike Soliz (vocals, 1988-89), Scott Jeffreys (vocals, 1990), Alan Tecchio (vocals, 1989-90, 2010)


  • Energetic Disassembly (1985)
  • Control and Resistance (1989)
  • Concepts of Math: Book One (EP, 2016)

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