Warpig was a Canadian hard-rock band that released a self-titled album in 1972 on FontHill Records.

Members: Terry Brett (bass), Rick Donmoyer (vocals, guitar), Terry Hook (drums), Dana Snitch (keyboards, vocals, guitar)


Warpig evolved from Mass Destruction, a garage band in Woodstock, Ontario, with singer–guitarist Rick Donmoyer and bassist Terry Brett. Donmoyer played beforehand in multiple groups, including The Turbines and The Kingbees (aka The Wot).

In 1968, Brett and Donmoyer linked with guitarist–keyboardist Dana Snitch and drummer Terry Hook. They practiced in Hook’s basement and tightened their act on Toronto’s club scene. In 1970, they linked with FontHill Records and started sessions with producers Robbie Irving and Jim Croteau. Further live gigs financed the ensuing LP.

The Album

Warpig released their self-titled album in late 1972 on FontHill. It features eight group-written originals, including “The Moth,” “Melody With Balls,” and both sides of their single, “Flaggit” and “Rock Star.”

A1. “Flaggit” (3:06)
A2. “Tough Nuts” (2:18)
A3. “Melody With Balls” (6:02)
A4. “Advance Am (Lyrics Defy Description)” (7:22)
B1. “Rock Star” (4:07)
B2. “Sunflight” (3:56)
B3. “U.X.I.B.” (7:23)
B4. “The Moth” (5:07)

Warpig sports a photo of a lit candle next to an ankh (the Egyptian key of life symbol) on a crimson place mat. The back cover shows the same image with the candle extinguished. The inner-sleeve has a red-tinted photo of the band in deep forestation. The credit-sheet end note states “For best response this record should be played loud!”

In 1973, London Records purchased FontHill, which left Warpig in limbo. London dropped the band but re-released the album along with the “Flaggit”|”Rock Star” single. The reissued album has an off-white cover with an arched red nameplate and identical crimson-haired occultists with an ankh.

Later Activity

Warpig played further gigs and pulled resources for a second album, which they half-completed during studio off-hours. After fruitless attempts to find a distributor, they halted the project. Snitch left the band over musical differences. By late 1973, Warpig disbanded. Donmoyer joined local rockers Ash Mountain.

In 2003, Warpig reappeared as a bootleg CD on HF, which also issued Seventies titles by Beggars Opera, Blackfoot, Home, If, Patto, and Sam Apple Pie. Warpig reformed and promoted their album’s first proper reissue in 2006 on Relapse Records.



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