Warlord were an American metal band from San Jose, Calif., that released the 1983 EP Deliver Us and the 1984 album And the Cannons of Destruction Have Begun…, both on Metal Blade.

Members: Destroyer [William J. Tsamis] (guitar), Thunder Child [Mark Zonder] (drums), Joe Hall (bass, 1980-81), Jerry Alcevia (keyboards, 1981), Damien King I [Jack Rucker] (vocals, 1981-83), Rik Fox [Richard Sulima-Suligowski] (bass, 1982), Sentinel [Diane Kornarens, aka Diane Arens] (keyboards, 1983-84), Damien King II [Rick Cunningham] (vocals, 1984-86), Archangel [Dave Watry] (bass, 1984), Damien King III [Rick Martin Anderson] (vocals, 1986)


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  1. Hello to all, anyone with any connection to Warlord, and or the band members, please contact me. I am a friend of William dating back to the early 80’s in San Jose, California. We met while I was employed at Towers Records on Bascom ave. in Campbell. We remained friends until he finally passed on in 2021. Would love to meet and communicate with anyone from Los Angeles, San Jose. Looking forward always. James

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