Wappa Gappa

Wappa Gappa were a Japanese symphonic-rock band from Tokyo that released two albums on Air From Mt Fuji between 1996 and 1998, followed by a third on Musea/InterMusic in 2004.

Members: Keizo Endo (bass), Yasuhiro Tachibana (guitar, 1992-98, 2001-03), Tamami Yamamoto (vocals), Sato-ken (drums, 1992-93), Hiroshi Mineo (drums, 1993-present), Hideaki Nagaike (keyboards, 1993-present), Hisaaki Takemori (guitar, 1998-2001), Masahiro Lee (guitar, 2003-present)


  • 邪馬台国 (Yamataikoku) (1996)
  • A Myth (1998)
  • Gappa (2004)

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