Vortex were a French Zeuhl band that released a self-titled album on JBP in 1975, followed by the popular Les Cycles de Thanatos on F.L.V.M. in 1979.

Members: Jean-Pierre Vivante (keyboards), Jacques Vivante (bass), Jean-Francois Trouillet (flute, 1975-77), Gerard Jolivet (saxophone, clarinet), Francois Gerald (drums, 1975-77), Maurice Sonjon (vibraphone, xylophone, 1976-79), Alain Chaleard (xylophone, vibraphone, 1976-79), Jean-Michel Belaich (drums, gongs, 1977-79), Christian Boissel (oboe, English horn, keyboards, 1977-79), Jacques Guyot (saxophone, 1976-80), Vincent Daune (drums, 1979-80), Bruno Heitz (percussion, 1979-80), Michel Tardieu (keyboards, 1979-80), Jacques Dessert (cello, 1979), Philippe Matias (percussion, 1979), Bernard Monerri (guitar, 1979-80)


  • Vortex (1975)
  • Les Cycles de Thanatos (1979)

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