Von Zamla

Von Zamla were a Swedish avant-trad spin-off of Zamla Mammaz Manna that released two albums on Urspår and Krax, circa 1982/83. An archival disc of the band’s 1983 live set was later released on Cuneiform.

Members: Lars Hollmer (keyboards), Eino Haapala (guitar), Denis Brely (bassoon, oboe, baritone saxophone, flute, 1981), Jan Garret (bass, guitar, 1981), Hans Louhelainen [aka Hans Loev] (keyboards, 1982-85), Michel Berckmans (bassoon, oboe, 1982-85), Mårten Tiselius (drums, 1982-85), Wolfgang Salomon (bass, 1982-85)


  • Zamlaranamma (1982)
  • No Make Up! (1983)
  • 1983 [live] (1999, recorded 1983)

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