Ville Emard Blues Band

Ville Emard Blues Band were a Québécois jazz-rock/funk big band that self-issued the album Minute! Ville Émard Blues Band s’en vient / Is Coming in 1973, followed by a 1974 live double-album and a 1975 eponymous studio album on self-press Funkébec. The band maintained a revolving-door lineup that included members of Contraction, Harmonium, and Toubabou.

Members: Rawn Bankley (guitar, vocals, 1972-75), Marcel Beauchamp (piano, guitar, clavinet, 1972-75), Lise Cousineau (vocals, tambourine, 1972-75), Denis Farmer (drums, 1972-75), Michel Dion (bass, 1972-75), Bill Gagnon (bass, 1972-75), Roger Gougeon (flugelhorn, tambourine, 1972-75), Marcel Huot (drums, timbales, harmonica, 1972-75), Robert Lachapelle (piano, keyboards, 1972-75), Yves Laferrière (bass, 1972-75), Gilles Massé (guitar, 1972-75), Carlyle Miller (alto saxophone, flute, vocals, 1972-75), Rénald Montemiglio (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, tambourine, 1972-75) Pierre Nadeau (piano, organ, clavinet, 1972-75), Yvan Ouellet (piano, 1972-75), Christiane Robichaud (vocals, tambourine, 1972-75), Michel Robidoux (guitar, 1972-75), Sharon Ryan (vocals, 1972-75), Christian St-Roch (drums, organ, vocals, 1972-75), Estelle Ste-Croix (piano, vocals, 1972-75), Michel Seguin (congas, timbales, djembe, 1972-75), Robert Stanley (guitar, 1972-75), Richard “Moose” Tellier (guitar, 1972-75), Serge Vallières (guitar, 1972-75), Roger Walls (trumpet, 1972-75)


  • Minute! Ville Émard Blues Band s’en vient / Is Coming (1973)
  • Live à Montréal (2LP, 1974)
  • Ville Emard (1975)

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