Vector were an American New Wave/synthpop trio from Sacramento that released two albums on Exit Records between 1983 and 1985, followed by a third on Spark Music in 1989. The band were a guitar/synth/bass trio with a guest drummer on their first album Mannequin Virtue. After the departure of keyboardist Charlie Peacock, the band enlisted a drummer for their sophomore release Please Stand By.

Peacock issued two 1984–86 solo albums on Exit and produced the Vector-associated acts The Seventy Sevens and The Choir. He subsequently became a prolific artist on the Christian label Sparrow Music.

Members: Jimmy Abegg (guitar, synthesizer, backing vocals), Steve Griffith (bass, vocals), Charlie Peacock (synthesizer), Aaron Smith (drums, 1983), Bruce Spencer (drums, 1985)


  • Mannequin Virtue (1983)
  • Please Stand By (1985)
  • Simple Experience (1989)

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