Van Dyke Parks

Van Dyke Parks — aka George Washington Brown (born Jan. 3, 1943) — is an American composer, arranger, and producer from Hattiesburg, Miss., who initially emerged as a collaborator with Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson. The pair worked on material for the band’s ill-fated Smile project. As a recording artist in his own right, Parks released the album Song Cycle on Warner Bros. in 1967, followed by six further Warner albums at sporadic intervals over the ensuing three decades.


  • Song Cycle (1967)
  • Discover America (1972)
  • Clang of the Yankee Reaper (1975)
  • Jump! (1984)
  • Tokyo Rose (1989)
  • Orange Crate Art (1995 • Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks)
  • Broken Trail (TV, 2008 • David Mansfield & Van Dyke Parks)
  • Super Chief (2013)
  • Songs Cycled (2013)
  • ¡Spangled! (2019 • Gaby Moreno & Van Dyke Parks)

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