Unicorn were an English rustic-rock band from Guildford that released the album Uphill All the Way on Transatlantic Records in 1971, followed by the David Gilmour-produced Blue Pine Trees on Charisma in 1974. Two further albums followed on Harvest during 1976 and 1977. The band evolved from pop-psych combo The Late, which cut 20 songs circa 1967/68 that were ultimately released on the 2008 CD Songs From the Family Tree by archivists Wooden Hill.

Members: Pat Martin (bass, guitar), Ken Baker (guitar), Pete Perryer (drums, vocals), Trevor Mee (bass, 1971-72), Kevin Smith (guitar, 1972-77)


  • Uphill All the Way (1971)
  • Blue Pine Trees (1974)
  • Too Many Crooks (1976)
  • One More Tomorrow (1977)
  • Shed No Tear (The Shed Studio Sessions) [archival] (2002)

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