Ungava were a Québécois symphonic/space-rock band that released a self-titled album on the 36 label in 1977.

Members: André Devito (guitar), Jacques Marois (percussion, vocals), Richard Fortin (bass, vocals), Martin Perron (keyboards), Maurice Bouchard (saxophone, flute)

Ungava formed in 1968 and functioned for several years as a jam-psych/improv act. The band was named after the Ungava Bay in northeastern Canada. An early member of the band was Marie Philippe, who later recorded as a solo artist. The lineup coalesced around guitarist Andre Devito, bassist Richard Fortin, and singer/percussionist Jacques Marois.

Ungava released their singular album in 1977 on the short-lived 36 label (cat# FH 36004). It features eight tracks, including the Devito/Marois compositions “Hors D’eden, Gorgo,” “Boreal,” “Les Oiseaux Lumineux,” and “Calcium.” Another track, “Coyote,” was written by guest keyboardist Martin Perron. The band was also joined by ex-Lagagnamo reedist Maurice Bouchard. The album was recorded at St-Fèréol with the Studio Mobile Filtroson and produced by one Richard Lachance.

Fortin also worked with singer/songwriter Yves Albert and later produced classical guitarist Liona Boyd.



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