UK Players

The UK Players were an English funk band that released three singles on A&M circa 1980/81, followed by the album No Way Out in 1982. Two further singles appeared on RCA in 1983, concurrent with a pair of solo singles by vocalist/guitarist James Ross.

Members: James Ross (vocalist, guitarist), Patrick Seymour (keyboardist), Philip Bishop (guitarist), Rusty Jones (drummer), Sedley Francis (bassist)


  • “Everybody Get Up” / “Rivers” (1980)
  • “Midnight” / “Exit” (1981)
  • “Girl” / “Jim’s Jam” (1981)
  • No Way Out (1982)
  • “You Make Me Feel” / “Landslide” (1983)
  • “Love’s Gonna Get You” / “At Last” (1983)

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