UK Decay

UK Decay were an English art-punk/goth-rock band from Luton, Bedfordshire, that released two shortplayers on self-press Plastic Records circa 1979/80, followed by a trio of singles on small-press Fresh Records during 1980 and 1981, culminating with the album For Madmen Only. An EP followed on Crass-subsidiary Corpus Christi in 1982, after which the band released a live cassette chronicling their final gig in December of that year.

Members: Martin “Segovia” Smith (bass, guitar, 1977-81), Steven David Harle (drums, 1977-82), Ricky Smith (vocals, 1977-78), Dave Stubbs (guitar, 1977-78), Mick Dove (bass, 1977-78), Paul Wilson (vocals, 1978-79), St. Albans Simon (vocals, 1978-79), Steven “Abbo” Abbot (vocals, guitar, 1978-present), Steve Spon (guitar, keyboard, 1979-present), Lorraine “Lol” Turvey (bass, 1981), Creetin K-os (bass, 1981), Ed “Twiggy” Branch (bass, 1981-present)


  • Split Single (EP, 1979 • UK Decay / Pneumania)
  • “For My Country” / “Unwind” (1980)
  • The Black 45 EP (EP, 1980)
  • For Madmen Only (1981)
  • Rising From the Dread (EP, 1982)
  • A Night for Celebration (live, 1983)

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