U8 were an Austrian hard-rock/metal band from Nussdorf, Salzburg, that released the album Pegasus 1001 on Powerplay Music Records in 1982, followed by The Shaber on EMI in 1984.

Members: Günter “Schwammerl” Maier (guitar, vocals), Erich “Lemmy” Enzinger (vocals, 1982-88), Andreas Rescheneder (bass, 1987-88), Helmar Hill (keyboards, 1987-88), Manfred Krenn (drums, 1987-88)


  • “Living for a While” / “All Day, All Night (I Wanna Rock ‘n Roll)” (1981)
  • Pegasus 1001 (1982)
  • The Shaber (1984)
  • Touch of Fire (archival, 2013)

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