Tysondog were an English hard-rock/metal band from Newcastle upon Tyne that debuted with the single “Eat the Rich” on Neat Records in 1983, followed by the album Beware of the Dog in 1984. A four-song EP appeared on the label in 1985, followed by Crimes of Insanity in 1986, after which the nameplate was benched for three decades. Guitarist/vocalist Alan Hunter preceded the band with a one-off single in punk-rockers State of Emergency. He followed Tysondog with a three-album stint in thrash-act Pariah during the late 1980s.

Members: Alan Hunter (guitar, vocals), Clutch Carruthers (vocals), Paul Burdis (guitar), Kevin Wynn (bass), Ged “Wolf” Cook (drums), Rob Walker (drums), Kev Hunter (drums), Peter Reeve (drums)


  • “Eat the Rich” / “Dead Meat” (1983)
  • Beware of the Dog (1984)
  • Shoot to Kill (EP, 1985)
  • School’s Out (EP, 1986)
  • Crimes of Insanity (1986)

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