Tygers of Pan Tang

Tygers of Pan Tang were an English heavy metal band that released four albums and assorted shortplayers between 1980 and 1982 on MCA, followed by two late-eighties albums on Music for Nations and Zebra.

Members: Brian Dick (drums, 1978-83, 1985-87), Robb Weir (guitar, 1978-83, 1999-present), Rocky Laws (bass, 1978-83), Jess Cox (lead vocals, 1978-81, 1999), John Sykes (guitar, 1980-82), Jon Deverill (lead vocals, 1981-87), Fred Purser (guitar, 1982-83), Steve Lamb (guitar, 1984-87), Neil Shepard (guitar, 1984-87), Clin Irwin (bass, 1984), Dave Donaldson (bass, 1985-87)


Tygers of Pan Tang formed in 1978 when singer Jesse Cox and guitarist Robb Weir teamed with bassist Richard “Rocky” Laws and drummer Brian Dick in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear. After some months on the working-class bar circuit, they signed to the NWOBHM label Neat Records.


First Two Singles

In January 1980, Tygers of Pan Tang released their sole Neat single: “Don’t Touch Me There” backed with “Burning Up” and “Bad Times.”

A1. “Don’t Touch Me There” ()
B1. “Burning Up” ()
B2. “Bad Times” ()

The single sports a black–gold depiction of a gaping tiger, illustrated by one Joan Cruickshank. Tigers appears on most subsequent Pan Tang album covers and 7″ sleeves.

On June 8, Tygers of Pan Tang debuted on MCA with their second single “Rock N Roll Man” backed with “All Right on the Night.”

A. “Rock N Roll Man” ()
B. “All Right on the Night” ()

Wild Cat

Tygers of Pan Tang released their debut album, Wild Cat, on August 23, 1980, on MCA.

1. “Euthanasia” (3:44)
2. “Slave to Freedom” (5:55)
3. “Don’t Touch Me There” (2:58)
4. “Money” (3:18)
5. “Killers” (6:36)

6. “Fireclown” (3:15)
7. “Wild Catz” (3:06)
8. “Suzie Smiled” (5:12)
9. “Badger Badger” (4:10)
10. “Insanity” (6:26)

Recorded Morgan Studios, London
Chris Tsangarides – producer, engineer
Andrew Warwick – assistant engineer

Jess Cox – Vocals
Robb Weir – Guitars and Vocals
Richard ‘Rocky’ Laws – Bass and Vocals
Brian “Big” Dick – Sticks, Kicks and Gong

Cream – artwork, design
Pete Vernon – photos
Grahame Thompson & Tom Noble – management for Pan Tang Productions

Tygers released “Suzie Smiled” on August 8 as the lead single backed with a non-album cover of the ZZ Top classic “Tush.”

B. “Tush” ()

On October 3, Tygers released “Euthanasia” as the second Wild Cat single backed with the exclusive “Straight as a Die.”

B. “Straight as a Die” ()

UK Albums (OCC) 18



On February 13, 1981, Tygers of Pan Tang released Hellbound, a double 7″ with four unique songs. It features two new cuts produced by Chris Tsangarides (“Hellbound,” “Don’t Give a Damn”) and two songs from their audition tape (“Bad Times,” “Don’t Take Nothing”).

A. “Hellbound” ()
B. “Don’t Give a Damn” ()
C. “Bad Times” ()
D. “Don’t Take Nothin’” ()


Tygers of Pan Tang released their second album, Spellbound, on April 10, 1981, on MCA.

1. “Gangland” (3:43)
2. “Take It” (4:27)
3. “Minotaur” (0:22)
4. “Hellbound” (3:30)
5. “Mirror” (4:34)

6. “Silver and Gold” (3:35)
7. “Blackjack” (3:15)
8. “The Story So Far” (3:29)
9. “Tyger Bay” (3:28)
10. “Don’t Stop By” (4:04)

Recorded January 1981
Studio Morgan Studios, London
Chris Tsangarides – producer, engineer
Andrew Warwick – assistant engineer

Jon Deverill – lead and backing vocals
Robb Weir – lead guitar, backing vocals
John Sykes – lead guitar, backing vocals
Richard “Rocky” Laws – bass, backing vocals
Brian “Big” Dick – drums

On March 10, Tygers previewed “The Story So Far” and “Silver and Gold” on a maxi-single with the non-album Small Faces cover “All Or Nothing.”

B2. “All Or Nothing” ()

On Jun 12, Tygers lifted “Don’t Stop By” as the second Spellbound single, backed with a live version of the Wild Cat number “Slave to Freedom.”

UK Albums (OCC) 33
Swedish Albums (Sverigetopplistan) 44

Crazy Nights

Tygers of Pan Tang released their third album, Crazy Nights, on November 3, 1981, on MCA.

1. “Do It Good” (4:23)
2. “Love Don’t Stay” (4:15)
3. “Never Satisfied” (3:46)
4. “Running Out of Time” (4:35)

5. “Crazy Nights” (4.34)
6. “Down and Out” (3:52)
7. “Lonely Man” (4:17)
8. “Make a Stand” (4:25)
9. “Raised on Rock” (3:23)

Recorded September–October 1981
Studio Trident Studios, London and Rock City Studios, Shepperton, UK
Dennis MacKay – producer, engineer

Jon Deverill – vocals
Robb Weir – guitar
John Sykes – guitar
Richard “Rocky” Laws – bass guitar
Brian Dick – drums

Rodney Matthews – cover painting

On November 27, Tygers lifted “Love Don’t Stay” as the first single, backed with the non-album “Paradise Drive.”

B. “Paradise Drive” ()

On January 29, 1982, Tygers unleashed “Do It Good” as the second Crazy Nights single, backed with the exclusive “Slip Away.”

B. “Slip Away” ()


On March 19, 1982, Tygers of Pan Tang released their tenth single: a cover of the Leiber–Stoller standard “Love Potion No. 9” backed with “The Stormlands,” a group original.

A. “Love Potion No. 9” () (The Clovers cover) Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller 
B. “The Stormlands” ()

On July 9, Tygers released “Rendezvous” as a second taster of their upcoming album; backed with “Life of Crime.”

A. “Rendezvous” () RPM cover written by Robert A. Johnson, Mark Stephens, Brent Maher
B. “Life of Crime” ()

The Cage

Tygers of Pan Tang released their fourth album, The Cage, in August 1982 on MCA.

1. “Rendezvous” (3:20)
2. “Lonely at the Top” Steve Thompson (3:29)
3. “Letter from L.A.” Jon Deverill, Thompson (3:12)
4. “Paris by Air” Thompson (2:56)
5. “Tides” Fred Purser (4:13)

6. “Making Tracks” Richard Laws, Deverill, Purser (3:38)
7. “The Cage” Robb Weir, Purser (1:13)
8. “Love Potion No. 9” (2:04)
9. “You Always See What You Want” Purser, Deverill (3:12)
10. “Danger in Paradise” John Parr (3:29)
11. “The Actor” Purser (4:15)

Jon Deverill – vocals
Robb Weir – guitars
Fred Purser – guitars, keyboards
Richard “Rocky” Laws – bass guitar
Brian Dick – drums

Additional musicians
John Sykes – guitar on “Love Potion No. 9” and “Danger in Paradise”

Peter Collins – producer
Phil Harding – engineer, mixing

On September 10, Tygers lifted “Paris By Air” as the album’s third a-side, backed with the exclusive “Love’s a Lie.”

B. “Love’s a Lie” ()

On October 29, Tygers unleashed “Making Tracks” as the fourth Cage single, backed with the non-album “What You Saying.”

B. “What You Saying” ()

UK Albums (OCC) 12

“Lonely at the Top”

In October 1983, Tygers of Pan Tang released the standalone single “Lonely at the Top” backed with “You Always See What You Want to See.”

A. “Lonely at the Top” ()
B. “You Always See What You Want to See” ()

The Wreck-Age

Tygers of Pan Tang released their fifth album, The Wreck-Age, in June 1985 on Music for Nations.

Burning in the Shade

Tygers of Pan Tang released their sixth album, Burning in the Shade, in May 1987 on Zebra.


  • Wild Cat (1980)
  • Spellbound (1981)
  • Hellbound (EP, 1981)
  • Crazy Nights (1981)
  • The Cage (1982)
  • The Wreck-Age (1985)
  • Burning in the Shade (1987)


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