Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night were an English symphonic/art-rock band from Reading, Berkshire, that self-released two cassettes and a live album between 1980 and 1982, culminating with the proper debut Fact and Fiction. After changing vocalists, the band released its second professionally-recorded album, Art and Illusion, on Music For Nations in 1984. The final release from this period was a self-titled album on Charisma/Virgin in 1986.

Members: Andy Revell (guitar, 1978-87, 2007-present), Brian Devoil (drums), Clive Mitten (bass, keyboards, 1978-87, 2007-present), Rick Battersby (keyboards, 1978-81, 1982-87), Electra McLeod (vocals, 1980), Ian Lloyd Jones (vocals, 1981), Geoff Mann (vocals, 1981-83), Axe (vocals, 1983), Andy Sears (vocals, 1983-86, 2007-12), Martyn Watson (bass, vocals, 1986-87)


  • Twelfth Night [aka The Electra Tape, Second Tape Album] (1980)
  • Live at the Target (1981)
  • Smiling at Grief (1982)
  • Fact and Fiction (1982)
  • Art and Illusion (1984)
  • Live and Let Live (1984)
  • Twelfth Night [aka XII, The Virgin Album] (1986)

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