Turning Point

Turning Point was an English jazz-rock quintet that released the 1977–78 albums Creatures of the Night and Silent Promise on Gull Records. Bassist Jeff Clyne and keyboardist Brian Miller formed Turning Point as a spinoff from the original Isotope.

Members: Jeff Clyne (bass), Brian Miller (keyboards), Pepi Lemer (vocals), David Tidball (saxophone), Paul Robinson (drums)

Prior to Gary Boyle‘s Isotope, Miller played in Rock Workshop with Alex Harvey and trumpeter Harry Beckett. Clyne backed numerous performers (Gordon Beck, Linda Hoyle, Michael Gibbs, Roy Budd, Tony Oxley) and held memberships in Amalgam, Nucleus, and Centipede.

Pepi Lemer lent vocals to the earlier Gull recording act Seventh Wave. She appears on subsequent records by Neil Ardley, Chaz Jankel, and Art of Noise.

After Turning Point, Paul Robinson backed multiple UK acts (Invisible Men, Sniff ‘n’ the Tears, Swans Way) and Japanese multi-instrumentalist Joji Hirota. Dave Tidball partook in the 1983 Wire-spinoff project P’o.


  • Creatures of the Night (1977)
  • Silent Promise (1978)

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