Tucky Buzzard

Tucky Buzzard were an English hard-rock band that released three albums in the span of 1970–71: two on Capitol and one, Coming On Again, on the Spanish Hispavox label. Two further albums followed on Deep Purple‘s namesake Purple Records label in 1973.

Tucky Buzzard was formed from the ashes of pop-psychsters The End; both band’s were produced by Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman. Initial Buzzard drummer Paul Francis, who appears on parts of the first two albums, departed early for the 1971 one-off Fuzzy Duck.

Members: Jimmy Henderson (vocals), Dave Brown (bass), Terry Taylor (lead guitar), Nicky Graham (keyboards, 1970-?), Paul Francis (drums, 1970), Chris Johnson (drums, 1970-74), Ron Taylor (guitar, ?-1973), Phil Talbot (guitar, 1973-74)


  • Tucky Buzzard (1970)
  • Coming On Again (1971)
  • Warm Slash (1971)
  • Allright on the Night (1973)
  • Buzzard (1973)

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