Truth and Janey

Truth and Janey were an American hard-rock trio from Cedar Rock, Iowa, that released two singles in 1972/73 on the one-off labels Sound Communications and Driving Wheel. In 1976, the band released the album No Rest for the Wicked on small-press Montross Records, followed by 1977’s Just a Little Bit of Magic on Bee Bee. Live recordings from the mid-’70s have surfaced in the decades since.

Members: BillyLee Janey (vocals, guitar), Steven Bock (vocals, bass, 1969-76), John Fillingsworth (drums, 1969), Denis Bunce (drums, 1970-76), Barton Peterson (bass, 1977), Gary Dare (drums, 1977)


  • “Under My Thumb” / “Midnight Horsemen” (1972)
  • “Straight Eight Pontiac” / “Around and Around” (1973)
  • No Rest for the Wicked (1976)
  • Just a Little Bit of Magic (1977)
  • Live 4/8/76 (archival, 1988)
  • Topeka Jam (2018, recorded 1974)

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