Tranzam (トランザム) were a Japanese jazz-funk/pop band that released a self-titled album on Express and the sophomoric Funky Steps on Columbia, both in 1974. Over the next two years, the band released a string of native-text titles on Teichiku-subsidiary Black, as well as Funky Steps Two on Columbia in 1976. Four further titles appeared on Victor between 1977 and 1981.

Members: Chito Kawachi, Hideki Ishima, Kohei Miyuki, Nobuhiko Shinohara, Sancho Nahana, Tome Kitagawa, Tsugutoshi Goto, Yasuo Tomikura


  • Tranzam (1974)
  • Funky Steps (1974)
  • August 9th (1975)
  • NTV-TV 「俺たちの旅」オリジナル・サウンドトラック (OST, 1975)
  • Funky Steps Two (1976)
  • ビューティフル・サンデー (1976)
  • Disco On Tranzam (1976)
  • Love Is Around (1977)
  • とおり雨 (1978)
  • Time Up (1980)
  • アジアの風 (1981)

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