Tractor were an English hard-rock/psych combo from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, centered on the partnership of vocalist/guitarist Jim Milne and drummer/bassist Steve Clayton. The pair comprised half of psych-rock four-piece The Way We Live, which released the album A Candle for Judith on Dandelion in 1971. They subsequently issued a self-titled album as Tractor on the same label in 1972. The pair were sporadically active during the ensuing 10-year period, issuing occasional singles from 1975-onward and appearing on the 1977 punk compilation Streets.

Members: Jim Milne (vocals, guitar, bass), Steve Clayton (drums, bass), Dave Addison (bass, 1976-82), Tony Crabtree (keyboards, guitar, 1980-82)


  • A Candle for Judith (1971 • The Way We Live)
  • Tractor (1972)
  • “Roll the Dice” / “Vicious Circle” (1975)
  • “No More Rock ‘n’ Roll” / “Northern City” (1977)
  • “Average Man’s Hero” / “Big Big Boy” (1981)

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