Toubabou were a Québécois jazz-funk/soul ensemble that released a live album on Kot’Ai in 1974, followed by a studio album on Barclay in 1975. The band featured a revolving-door lineup that included members of Harmonium and the Ville Emard Blues Band.

Members: Michel Seguin (percussion), Lise Cousineau (vocals), Robert Stanley (guitar, 1974-75), Michel Dion (bass, 1974-75), Yvan Ouellet (keyboards, 1974-75), Denis Farmer (drums, 1974-75), George Rodriguez (drums, 1975-77), Gerry Labelle (flute, saxophone, 1975-), Peter Kisilenko (bass, 1975-77), Fred Henke (piano, saxophone, 1975-77), Rawn Bankley (guitar, 1975-77), Marcel Huot (drums, 1975-77)


  • Le blé et le mil (1974)
  • Attente (1975)

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