Totem were an Uruguayan Latin-rock band that released three albums during the early 1970s on De la Planta. The band were initially fronted by vocalist/percussionist Rubén Rada, who also recorded solo and later joined Opa.

Members: Rubén Rada (vocals, percussion, 1971-72), Eduardo Useta (guitar, vocals), Enrique Rey (guitar), Mario “Chichito” Cabral (percussion), Daniel “Lobito” Lagarde (bass, 1971-72), Roberto Galletti (drums, 1971), Santiago Ameijenda (drums, 1972), Roberto Giordano (bass, 1973), Santiago Ameijenda (drums, 1973), Tomás “Chocho” Paolini (saxophone, 1973)


  • Totem (1971)
  • Descarga (1972)
  • Corrupción (1973)

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