Tømrerclaus — aka Claus Clement Pedersen (born Nov. 21, 1945) — is a Danish cellist from Århus, Jylland, who released the cassette album Snydt on self-press Karma Music in 1977, followed by an eponymous album-proper in 1978. He followed these releases with a trio of 1979 singles, recorded in collaboration with the band Boline and its namesake vocalist.


  • Snydt (cassette, 1977)
  • Tømrerclaus (1978)


  • “Punk Them Into Shit” / “Neon Lights” (1979)
  • “Ramblers Destination” / “Night Ripper Lady” (1979)
  • “Sandemose Forever” / “Alvorlig Leg Med Beton” (1979)

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