Tomorrow’s Gift

Tomorrow’s Gift were a German musical collective that released a self-titled, psych-rock double-album on +plus+ in 1970. Three years and a turn toward jazz-rock yielded the sophomoric Goodbye Future on Spiegelei/Aamok in 1973. The band subsequently evolved into the Release Music Orchestra.

Members: Ellen Meyer (vocals, ?-1971), Carlo Karges (guitar, percussion, ?-1971), Manfred Rürup (organ), Wolfgang Trescher (flute, ?-1970), Bernd Kiefer (bass), Olaf Casalich (drums), Gerd Paetzke (drums, ?-1971), Zabba Lindner (drums, 1971-74), Uli Trepte (guitar, 1973), Norbert Jacobsen (guitar, 1973-74)


  • Tomorrow’s Gift (1970)
  • Goodbye Future (1973)

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